Sunday, August 19, 2007

Bon Voyage

It seems like everyone is taking off overseas this year. At least more than half of our staff has made it, or is headed over to Europe. Just as Tala gets back Jill has left us for a month. I usually make her model all of the new pieces that come in, so before she could leave I made her put together a fall outfit.

The red top is the new Sunja Link, Puff Sleeve top for $140. She's also wearing a Dace Camille Dress for $220. For accessories she has on a Refine Honeycomb necklace for $130 and a Nokomis Halston purse for $160.

Friday, August 17, 2007

My oh my!

Holy smokes friends, we have some super exciting things in the works! You'll have to wait a teense until we calm down enough to share our news but stay tuned....everything's coming up noko. EEEEK!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

woot woot!

It was Elizabeth's stagette this past weekend and we all had barrels of fun. We spent the afternoon at Fort Edmonton Park, ate a tasty dinner at Culina's and then went back to Elizabeth's for drinks. Here is a picture from the afternoon:

That's me (Jessica) and Genevieve on the left and Elizabeth and Laurel on the right. Smack in the middle is Mary, Elizabeth's sister, who also modeled for us this past spring.

Elizabeth's wedding is on August 25th and everyone at nokomis is buzzing with excitment. Mainly the "what am I going to wear?" kind, but also the "will there be any eligible bachelors?" and "who will I slow dance with?" kind.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Even though we are still recovering from the busy summer sale, new fall pieces have begun to arrive. Dace, Smoking Lily, and Preloved are already in the store. We also have a few pieces of our house line, nokomis, ready to go. Take a look:

Kitty Dress, $125, also available in black

Ruffle Top, $89, also available in black

Pony Top, $89, also available in olive
Nomi Jeans, $129

Vronsky Coat, $210 (with adorable polka dot lining!)

I hate that I'm wishing for it to be cold, so I can pull out some vintage gloves to wear with my Vronsky Coat. Soon enough, I guess; this is Edmonton.