Thursday, September 30, 2010


The room is all painted, and now to just move everything in!

i started with the silk screening table top. this gem has been with noko for eons, and i was thrilled to have her back in our basement.

and this table was from my grandma and grandpa's. just needs a coat of paint and it's ready to go!

next up, standard ikea purchases:

this shelf became home to the noko silk screen frames. they had been hiding out in my basement, so i lugged them back to the store:

and onto the shelves:

lastly, the ikea dressers were my new table legs, so i just hoisted the table top up, and voila, silk screening table:

i forgot to take an after shot of the green/yellow table, but you can see it in the above photo on the right.

and now the silk screening in built. next phase: silk screening!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

smoking lily

we just got in a new shipment of smoking lily! i'd finish reading this blog post and then run over to the store, cause it never lasts long! also, i'm so out of date: smoking lily opened a new store in victoria! congratulations! it's over on government street and it's called 'the milkman's daughter'. can't wait to check it out, it looks beautiful (and huge!).

here are a few pictures of our new smoking lily:

smoking lily emmerdale cardigan, 138 (in black only)

smoking lily oscillator, 112 (in olive only)

smoking lily wanderluxe, 82 (in brown only!)

smoking lily onesies, 24

tea towels! 15 bucks each.

Monday, September 27, 2010

toasty warm!

seems a little silly to be posting this after a weekend of warm sunshine. but we all know what it around the corner. and it's best to be prepared.

rachel f recycled fur ear muffs, 65
rachel f touqes, with recycled fur pom-pom, 75
giraffedactyl knit mittens, 58

rachel f saguenay hat, with recycled fur and recycled leather, 235 (available in small and medium)

rachel f nunavuat hat, recycled fur, 235 (available in small and medium)

Friday, September 24, 2010


check out these beautiful mason jars! my grandfather had a very large collection of mason jars in his garage, which i now own. there are probably about 30+ jars, in a variety of sizes and shapes. these three are now home here at nokomis and inside they each have an air plant (which needs no soil, and only monthly watering). eden lilly will be getting in more air plants in about two weeks, so be sure to check them out there.

my grandpa was very proud supporter and believer in me and my entrepreneurial adventures. he was an entrepreneur himself, so i always love when his treasures make it into the shop. while he's sadly not with us on earth anymore, he's in my heart everyday. i miss you, grandpa! xox.

p.s. mishomis means grandfather in ojibwa

anna de courcy treasures

anna de courcy pine cone necklace, 30 inch silver chain, 220

also available in:
22 inch silver chain, 200
30 inch silver anchor chain, 260
18 inch 10K gold chain, 260

anna de courcy 20 inch curb chain with victorian pocket watch chain and a 1836 sterling coin, 300

anna de courcy 1826 pocket watch chain bracelet with 1916 coin, 400

anna de courcy 26 inch sterling graduated chain necklace, 400

also available in a 32 inch for 440

i have the 40 inch graduated chain necklace:

and i don't think i will ever take it off. one of the most stunning pieces of jewelry i have ever owned, and so wearable at the same time. it looks amazing with other pieces, such as my pyrrha gazelle pendant, on a 30 inch chain. i love that anna can make such delicate pieces and such bold, hip-hop-ish pieces too, and they can all work so well together. they are definitely 'investment' pieces, as i call them, but this beauty will be around my neck (or in my jewelry box) until the day i die.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

ready . . . set . . . go

as promised, megan of giraffedactyl dropped off more goodies the other day. kristena and i swooned over every single piece. we also begged her to make more of the beautiful coat she was wearing. i might have even jumped up and down, i was that excited.

but onto her current pieces. i'm posting them asap this time, so i don't have to tease you with pieces that you can't buy. these are all for sale, but they will find homes soon, so if anything peaks your interest, pop on by the shop. and remember they are all one of a kind (okay, one below, as noted, is two of a kind).

giraffedactyl one of a kind flannel tunic, 108

giraffedactyl one of a kind cardigan, 96

giraffedactyl one of a kind top, 52

giraffedactyl two of a kind top, 52

giraffedactyl one of a kind tunic, 154

this tunic slays me, its so pretty. i see it with black tights, and brown or black boots. though cream tights would be just as amazing. if no one takes this one home in the next two weeks, this one is mine. the clock starts ticking now!

heart & hum! xox.