Friday, September 17, 2010

jewels for necks, fingers and wrists!

lisbeth gold plated agate stone, 86

lisbeth sterling plated agate stone, 82

lisbeth sterling bow, 89

bella-bijou global necklace, 110

bella-bijou rings, L-R:
double trouble, 108 (fits 6.25-6.75)
in the rain, 80 (fits 6.5)
floating on a cloud, 120 (fits 8)

bella-bijou braclets, L-R:
take flight, 84
industrial, 36
fancy take flight, 180


Millicent Designs said...

ohhhh man the turquoise! The Feather bracelet! Ohhh man!

elizabeth said...

ack, that can't be real turquoise, can it? i have such a weakness for huge turquoise jewels.