Friday, July 31, 2009

weekend plans

besides heritage days, as elizabeth mentioned (i, too, will stuff my face), stop by the shop on saturday afternoon to get your (unflattering) portrait done! Rev. Aitor will be hanging out at the shop from 12-6 pm, and his claim to fame is the ability to bring out the ugly in everyone. portraits are by donation, to sign up check out his blog (or feel free to pop by, as well).

these just in....

nokomis 'lilian gish blouse', $148

nokomis 'marshall dress', $210

and we're expecting some more styles in today too, it's just like christmas! make sure you stop in this weekend so see what we have in store, that is if you're not too busy eating everything in sight at heritage days. cause that's what i'm planning on. eating. everything. in sight.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

marco & lili

our fall collection is all about exploration and invented histories. old records and northern adventure. we're receiving more pieces in the shop all the time (we're expecting a ton this week) and just yesterday our friend henry shipped us out the finished lili tunics and marco polo tops.

these are two of our favorite shirts for fall, both so wearable in different ways. the lili tunic is a cozy, slinky basic, bound to look amazing over coloured tights with worn-in boots and a vintage cardigan, as jessica pointed out. the marco polo top, made from a double-layered midweight cotton, is a sailor-inspired cover-all, perfect for belting over a tight skirt or wearing loose over your favourite jeans. come on down and try one on.

nokomis 'lili tunic', $109

nokomis 'marco polo top', $118

Monday, July 27, 2009

Friday, July 24, 2009


the weather? nice. just darn nice. hot and sunny and nice nice nice.
perfect weather for tara's wedding, which is tomorrow by the way.

i can't wait. i promise to take lots of photos and post them next week. in the meantime enjoy this:

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

primary preppy kinda day

it's hot here.....finally. as jessica said to me this morning, 'the weather took a turn for the worse in december and edmonton's yet to recover'. things are finally looking up though and i feel like wearing bright colours and easy pieces to go along with the carefree and sunshiny day.

cinder and smoke 'georgie top', $56

nokomis 'ginger skirt', $124

cinder and smoke 'molly vest', $116

ashley watson 'phoebe bag', $280

toodlebunny anchor necklace, $70

nokomis vintage shoes, $25

Monday, July 20, 2009

new noko!

the first of our new nokomis fall stock is arriving and we're working hard to get it out on the floor. we've recently received a few comfy-cozies including longtime noko favorite, the longsleeve pony top. this version is made from a lovely, drapey bamboo-blend jersey and cut long for layering. it's available in black or a rich, dark purple.

we also decided to re-cut our popular little hoodie from a couple seasons ago. this style was a !hit! and we still love how totally cute and yet totally functional it is. we went for an athletic french terry in heathered grey or awesome apple red. like classic adidas with a noko edge (we like our edges ruffled, thank-you very much).

two styles from our new fall collection have arrived as well: the ginger skirt and gloria jeans. both are made from a soft italian denim which i'm positively in love with. both are available in weathered blue, dark brown, sandy beige, or red. i'm gunning for that ginger skirt in red, boy oh boy! hot! here are some photos from our catalogue shoot with our friend jessica (who's totally gorgeous by the way) in january.

we'll continue to get stuff in over the following weeks too so make sure to drop by often and check out what we've got.