Saturday, October 31, 2009

trick or treat!

happy halloween, love waldo and your friendly raccoon. xoxo.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

smoking lily!

finally! new smoking lily! sorry for not having any smoking lily for you guys for eon's, completely my bad. it was just one of those things you know you have to do, you think about it everyday, but you just never get your ass in gear. anywhoo, i gave the girls a call last week and TA-DA! we have so much new smoking lily!

i can't help but think of christmas gifts when i see their designs (is it too early to mention christmas? before halloween, is that some kind of taboo?). smoking lily is just one of those things that you want to share with your friends and family. i bought my dad a tee-shirt for christmas and my soon-to-be-born (any day now! due date is oct 31!) nephew an onesie.

we got in so many styles i couldn't possibly name them all. or could i? Tea towels, tea cozy's, silk ascots, cotton scarfs, onesies, men's shirts, bike bags, slippers, boatnecks, obi belts and capes! okay, that's definitely not it, we got in lots of clothing styles too, like skirts (petite anglaise, denim sooke), dresses (pool hall dress in bamboo, tee shirt dress), and tops (hama hama, calamity jane, wanderluxe, elle mariachi). here is a small sampling:

calamity jane top, 58 (in navy with bunny print and we also got in cream with floral print)

elle mariachi sweater, 79

obi belt, 44

petite anglaise skirt, 44

slippers, 42 (size 5-7 and 7-9 and if you're a ten, the 7-9 really are too small, i tried myself)

cotton scarf, 28 (we got four different colours in: teal, olive, grey and fuschia)

cape of good hope, 98

Friday, October 23, 2009

the opera!

i'm going to the opera tonight! the edmonton opera is presenting rigoletto at the jubilee, and i have a date to attend. like any good opera, this one is full of lust, revenge and tragedy, or so i've heard. i'm really excited to go, it's something that i have always wanted to do, but i haven't a stitch to wear! last night tara and i picked out a few outfits that might be 'opera appropriate'.

LNE anemone dress, 198
biko movement necklace, 69
noko vintage shoes, 25 (in all photos)

dace wild card dress, 249

dace annabelle dress, 240

dagg and stacey molly aster dress, 250

i'm sure i won't make up my mind until 5 minutes before the store closes tonight, but i do think they are all stellar choices. wish me luck!

mini red raven sale!

Fall is such a beautiful time of year: the golden trees, the crisp morning air, and the crunch of leaves beneath your step. Not the mention the lovely bout of fog we had the other day. To celebrate this favorite season we've decided to have a spontaneous mini-red raven sale this weekend on all Nokomis house label items. A perfect time to grab a few more pieces for your fall wardrobe before the winter winds roll into town.

For this weekend only, October 23-25, receive 25% off all regular priced Nokomis label clothing and accessories. If you've been eyeing something up over the past few weeks, a dress or top or belt perhaps, now's the time to come in and buy it!

Let's celebrate this beautiful fall season!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

ashley watson

i've spent many a nights lying in bed dreaming about the fall ashley watson shipment. i got my first ashley watson bag last fall, a black plover bag, and i think i'm ready to commit to a new one (in order to preserve my current one, i wear it every day and it's the dreamist bag a gal could ever wish for). but the problem with getting a new one is that you have to pick between all of the beautiful bags. it's a lot tricky than it may appear. find out for yourself:

tern bag, black, 370

phoebe bag, teal, 300

linnet bag, black, 400 (also comes in navy and HOT pink)

linnet bag, hot pink, 400

lark bag, black, 310

tern bag, fuschia, 370

small teal bag, caramel, 350

large plover bag, blue, 380

phoebe bag, brown, 300

finch bag, forest green, 420

lark bag, brown, 310

martin duffle bag, green-grey, 520

i think the teal bag in caramel and the phoebe bag in teal are my tops. oh, what's a girl to do?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

lana dress

the nokomis lana dress recently arrived in the shop, and i'm sure excited about it! it's been fitting like a glove and comes in two beautiful colours to choose from.
gunmetal grey, $218 sizes 2-14

olive colour, $218 sizes 2-14

close up of the fabric detail (same for the grey too!)

if you live far from nokomis, i just sent our wholesale accounts out these dresses today, so they will be arriving in boutiques in 2-4 days! this is our last nokomis wholesale shipment, so be sure to support your local boutiques.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

bundle up!

lily & jae careful coat, $325 (also has a kasha lining, which help keeps you warm!)

allison wonderland l'hiver coat, $320

dagg & stacey carroll coat, $430 (has kasha lining too)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

thora dress

remeber the thora dress from last fall? it's was a runaway hit, an easy-peasy throw on dress that made you look sharp sharp. well, we pulled it out of the trunk again for this fall. available in both the blue & black check and the grey plaid, fully lined for $164.