Friday, November 28, 2008


it's been a long week, but at least there are lots of fun times to be had this weekend. here are two events that i'd recommend:

pop by the 4th annual royal bison craft & art fair, 10-5 pm on both saturday and sunday. it's taking place just around the corner from nokomis (and the farmer's market), at 8426 gateway boulevard. it's just a twoonie to get in (and you can say 'hi' to elizabeth, who is usually working the door). there are always so many great vendors to see, such as nokomis's own Myrtle & Pearls, Nickelas Johnson and Cinder + Smoke, along with the talents of photographer Tara Dwelsdorf, artist Sean Borchert and, of course, illustrator Raymond E. Biesinger. you will also be able to find edmonton based magazines such as Display, Notebook, and the newest issue of Here & Noun.

then, once you're all done your errands: nokomis, royal bison, farmer's market, etc, i'd recommend a nap. you're gonna need one, 'cause saturday night is the Display Magazine launch party.

the studio girls have been excited about this party all week and so am i! i'm polishing up my dancing shoes, ironing my party pants and arriving early at the artery, as this is gonna sell out. local band field & stream are performing, followed by dj dance sets by Nik 7, Jaycie Jayce and Roland Pemberton III. it's ten bucks to get in, and with that you're helping the local publication get it's feet on the ground. see you there! xox.

time flies

can you believe it was a year ago today that we opened up in our new location? seems a little crazy, but true. this time last year elizabeth and i were running around like chickens with their heads cut off, but we managed to get it all done, thanks to all the help with had from the noko girls. and thankfully the days i spent in "the office" at the old space (my desk was shoved between the hot water tank and the furnace, in a windowless cell) are nothing but a distant memory, and everyday i am so grateful that i get to work in this beautiful space.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

noko gift ideas: ladyfriend

man friends and boyfriends aren't always the most instinctive when it comes to buying a holiday gift. while they may put their best efforts in, we don't need anymore new tools or socks. i find the more suggestions they have, the better they are. though i usually tend to leave web pages open on my boyfriends computer, hoping that he'll get the hint... so BOYS, if you see this page open, take the hint! come by nokomis and take a look around for your lovely lady.

here are just a few things that are on my wish-list this year (maybe they're on hers too):

maked side sweep toque, $64
hand crochet cotton toques are so much better than a beanie from army & navy

nokomis wilfred cardigan, $98
the boyfriends sweater made in petite sizes for her. now she can stop borrowing yours!

dace shelia dress, $240
she can wear this to work and then out to a party!

nokomis linen pillow, $38
a cute pillow for her couch, snuggle time made easy!

eve gravel mushi mushi dress, $164
looks great on almost every body type!

dace shirley tunic, $169
dace is a favorite designer here at noko, so you won't go wrong with any of her pieces!

imaginary friend swing coat, $275
it hasn't snowed yet, but she'll need something warm soon.

bueno style love letter necklace, $52
what girl doesn't want a love letter from their special friend?

i'll be back next week to tackle gifts for boyfriends and man friends. see you then!

Monday, November 24, 2008

dance card full

it's getting to be that time of year again, the season we find ourselves sudden-social-butterflies who attend parties galore on a regular basis. there's just something about the holiday season that makes one want to drink/dance/eat/party and, of course, dress-up more. there are so many occasions to dress your best over the next month - work parties, dinner with friends, family get-togethers, drunken blowouts with buddies, new year's champagne brunches, new year's eve galas, new year's day hangover breakfasts in style....the list goes on.

we picked just a few of our favorite could-be holiday dresses to show off and start getting you inspired.
nokomis silk 'cendrillon' dress, $179

genki storm purse, $280

myrtle and pearls feather earrings, $30

jex feather necklace, $54

dace 'josie dress', $220

nokomis 'lady purse', $216

lizbot earrings, $24

biko designs locket, $69

jude 'texture' dress, $219

nokomis leather/velvet 'granny purse', $189

biko designs 'chain wrap', $89

lisbeth 'pear-drop earrings', $89

nokomis 'simone dress', $140

brave brown bag, $190

biko filagree earrings, $35

anna zygowski scarf, $140

maked 'fountain dress', $156

nokomis 'goldie clutch', $120

bueno style rose earrings, $34

hoakon/helga necklace, $62

don't forget.... launch party tonight at the empress, come down and have a drink with us. jessica and i will probably go down early and be ready for bed by 9:30, but who knows? maybe we'll surprise ourselves.

hope to see you there.

Friday, November 21, 2008

thanks for coming out!

last night we held our customer appreciation party at the store, celebrating with cookies, hot apple cider, wine, discounts and other delights. i like to think of it as a treat yourself kind of evening. some great friends came out and we had a blast watching them try on clothes, chatting about how everyone should really be buying christmas gifts (but self-gifts are important too right?!) and eating yummy treats.

we also decided to get together with some of our 'sister businesses' in the city and offer prize draws. we were lucky to have some fab gifts donated from cafe mosaics, lux beauty boutique, shanti hair therapy and the lovely eden lily, who made up the bouquets you see above. it was nice to be able to give something back to the customers who have given SO! much to us over the years.

here's the store within the first few minutes of the party, everything laid out nicely and everyone feeling peppy and ready for action.

here's our doorman raymond. i'm a big fan of this guy....have i mentioned?

what's that jessica? only 10 more minutes till we get to start drinking wine? a-ok, you're the boss.

amelia and sara were the last ladies to leave for the evening. sara got the great hat she's wearing in this photo and amelia bought the nokomis hms belfast dress in which she looks smokin' - no jokin'! (see what i just did there?)

aww, someone's sleepy. did he drink too much wine and eat too many cookies? so go the dangers of the job i guess.

thanks again to everyone who came out last night, we really appreciate you braving the bitter wind and stopping by for a visit. you're the reason we're here and we love getting to spend time with you.

xox, nokomis.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

noko gifts ideas: moms!

still no snow, but you can't help but feel like the holiday season is around the corner. between gearing up for the holidays at the store and at home, i've been keeping busy.

my mother always seems to be the hardest person to buy for, considering she has everything she really wants (i mean, she has me, right?!). if i could, i would send her to turkey for a month (but really, if i could afford it, i'd be on the next flight out). so instead, here are a few gift ideas i've been thinking about for my mom, and maybe your mom might like them too:

ashley watson agenda, $120
for the mom on the go.
brave brown bag madi in vintage red, $160.
these bags are perfect for carrying around books, or even for saturday mornings at the farmers market.

nokomis apron, $44.
only because she'll look so cute in it while baking, though my dad usually does the cooking!

lily and jae broadway blouse, $135 with a nokomis budapest skirt, $98.
an adorable day to day outfit, while still looking sharp and professional.

anna zygonski hand painted scarf, $140.
not only a practical garment, but a piece of art as well.
preloved norelle sweater, $125.
a lovely practical version of a cute dress for mom. cozy and warm!
nokomis cloche hat, $72.
this also comes in black and a light blue.

allison wonderland neck tie coat, $245.
who are we kidding, this will make you mom look hot!!!

refine leaf tension earrings, $60.
delicate and light enough that she won't even notice wearing them.

we'll have more photos and ideas for you each and every wednesday before the holidays. see you next week!