Monday, December 10, 2007


Since we got our new point of sale system, the girls have been picking it up pretty quickly. They are always at the computer, trying to figure things out, or SO I THOUGHT! Turns out they are all just really into Photobooth (and really, who isn't?!?). Here are some pictures of them that I found in the deleted pictures folder.

This is Jenn, taking a gulp of the waterfall.

Julie-Ann and Miranda flying in the sky.

Miranda, Adeline, and Julie-Ann making funny faces.

Uh, making french faces? I have no idea . . .

But, in all fairness, I've been a photoboothing too:

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

surprise or scare?

sadly we didn't have a camera to capture the crazy events of our evening, but amanda and i were forced to evacuate from the new store this evening. with scare of a gas leak next door, the fire department had young attractive firemen come and "assist" us in leaving the building.

it was crazy! almost all of whyte ave was lined up with fire trucks. i guess everything went well though. we came back from our sit in starbucks and the red tape surrounding the block had been removed and all the men were gone.

this is us looking scared.