Friday, April 30, 2010

wolfe & dace

check out our latest dress form! a friend of mine scooped it up for a sweet sweet deal and passed it along to me. it's a vintage wolfe dress form, which i have been eyeing up on ebay for years. finally, one to call our own! our dress form collection has almost doubled in the last few months. i worry i am beginning a "dress form collection", though really, who better to have a dress form collection than a retail store, right? we have 4 in total for the window displays, and we currently have 4 dress forms on the floor, plus two table top mannequins. 10 is a good number, right?

collapsible arms!

and while i was shooting the newbie dress form, i though i might as well shoot the newest dace pieces, too.

dace monet dress, indigo, 195
(we also got a really similar style, called the caressa dress, which is in the stripe fabric, for 195)

dace brie top, 144, also available in cream

dace ismay dress, 225, also available in black (i heart this dress! i wore it on a hot date to culina this past weekend and felt like a million bucks. can't wait to wear it again, once the rain goes away)

dace alix top, 99

with the new dress form, i guess this means i have one less excuse to head to the antique mall weekly, though i'm confident i can create numerous new excuses. new table? new props? new cake tray?

lily & jae

here are a few of our new lily & jae arrivals:

lily & jae lost dress, 220
lily & jae gibson dress, 174

lily & jae dream dress, 230 (this one has a beautiful back, it's semi-backless with a large bow tie)

we also received the creek cami and the southern skirt! cute! this sums up the beautiful collection by one of our favourite designers, so now its our duty to tromp around town in these pieces, riding bikes, drinking wine and enjoying the company of our friends. starting . . . NOW!

and speaking of summer inspiration, i saw this video and it made my heart sing. it also made me finally get off the couch and DO THINGS! creative things, loving things, and fun things.

p.s. anyone wanna do some stop-motion videos with me this summer?

Thursday, April 29, 2010


the noko gals hadn't had a get together since our killer karaoke party in december. we were due for a little gathering, especially with two new recruits under our belt, along with a pending sad goodbye to adeline, who has given us two and half years of service (she's moving on up to toronto (the city that has taken 3 other of my noko gals)).

kristena has been harassing me about langano skies, a local ethopian restrautant where i spend most of my eat out budget. kristena and i both love love love langano, so we though we'd take the other girls there to try it out. so on sunday night we gathered for dinner, to do both a meet and greet as well as a thank you, goodbye, we'll miss you. sadly, ms. kristena came down ill that day and missed out on the celebrations. we were going to try and photoshop her into the photos, but, well, that's just beyond my photoshop skill level.

the yummiest food in the world, everyone agreed

ms. amanda and a mango shake

maegan, our newest newbie, dishing up some ice for our unchilled wine

the lovely emilia, and A MANGO SHAKE! good god, they were tasty

and since ethopian is a bit messy to eat, we'll skip to the end of the meal, and our dessert/entertainment:

Adeline was feeling lucky . . .

while maegan was a bit confused

after shitty luck, no one won, we headed over to the empress for a pint (or two)

this was supposed to be 'funny faces' but apparently only amanda and i got the memo.

next up, shots, thanks to the lovely victoria at the empress

the two on the left were for adeline and i: lime juice! (though it is apparent who was taking the tequila shots by the following photos)

this picture doesn't really do it justice, but maegan has monkey arms. she used to get made fun of it in volleyball, apparently, and she wanted to demonstrate to us their length. they basically touched her knees. it was weird. come in and check it out sometime (FYI, she's away in disney land till the middle of may, lucky duck).

we missed kristena greatly that evening, though we did managed to have a fun time. i always love noko family time, even when it's to say goodbye. best of luck adeline, we're all wishing you success in toronto! xox.

bennie & olive

Jenifer Forrest of Bennie & Olive is one of the few designers that I have been working with for years and years and years but never ever meet. But I kinda think that we'd get along a-okay. Reasons being: for one, she sends us fudge or cookies for christmas every year (hello! bff's for ever). Two, she's an Albertan prairie girl who moved away to the big city (Toronto), but I often see the prairies represented in her work. Three, her line is named after her grandparents, waa waa. And, lastly, she makes the most adorable accessories. I'm guessing quite a few of you are familiar with Jen's belts and belt buckles. They were the ones with the funny pictures on them (like her grade 6 class photo). Jen had out done herself with her latest creation. First, she made a diorama of a formal garden. See below.
Jen then snapped various photos of all of the different elements within the diorama. She transferred those photos onto vinyl, and then sewed them into cute little creations such as:
bennie & olive luggage tag, 19
bennie & olive coin purse, 15

OMG, so cute, yes? And super affordable too! I know they aren't going to last long (we sold one wallet yesterday moments after putting them out (and we only got 6 luggage tags and 6 coin wallets)). Come and snap them up. Oh and I forgot to mention, but the luggage tags are the secure kind, where your information isn't available to any prying eyes. There is a velcro closure, and inside is your information, tucked safely away. Just incase you get a little paranoid, like my mom.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

more mono

mono astral bomber, 319 (we just got in two of these, a small and a medium)

mono diffusion scarf, 99 (one only!)

mono scarf dress, 329 (one only! size small and made of 100% Tyvek)

there is another mono dress style and one other scarf style set to arrive this season, so we'll keep you posted when they arrive. meanwhile, come in and check out these beautiful pieces of art/fashion/craft.

Royal Bison

this weekend! saturday and sunday, 10-5 pm each day. $2 to get in and over 60 vendors selling their wares. check out the royal bison website for more information.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

best of edmonton

Just a friendly reminder that it's time to vote for SEE Magazine's Best Of Edmonton Issue. Click here to vote for your favourite restaurants, music shops, shoe shops, oh, and maybe your favourite independent women's boutique, wink wink? Contest closed May 3, and the results run on May 13th. Merci!

Friday, April 23, 2010


This is definitely a season of new lines for Nokomis. I think we got in over 10 new clothing lines this season (c-razy!) and one of them is Toronto based Thomas. The Thomas clothing line is kind of like a house line for the super chic UPC Boutique based in Yorkville. Thomas has beautiful silhouettes, as well a shredding technique that they do to most of their pieces.

thomas shredded tunic (which we have in grey), 225

thomas shredded tank, 225 (though, really, this seems more like a tunique to me, and the above one seems like a tank, but, well, maybe that's just me).

and since not everyone is an emaciated 7 foot model, we though we'd take some photos in our shop to give you a better idea.

shredded tunic, grey, 180

thomas cowl tee, 280

thomas cowl tee shown with betina lou molly skirt, 95