Friday, April 23, 2010


This is definitely a season of new lines for Nokomis. I think we got in over 10 new clothing lines this season (c-razy!) and one of them is Toronto based Thomas. The Thomas clothing line is kind of like a house line for the super chic UPC Boutique based in Yorkville. Thomas has beautiful silhouettes, as well a shredding technique that they do to most of their pieces.

thomas shredded tunic (which we have in grey), 225

thomas shredded tank, 225 (though, really, this seems more like a tunique to me, and the above one seems like a tank, but, well, maybe that's just me).

and since not everyone is an emaciated 7 foot model, we though we'd take some photos in our shop to give you a better idea.

shredded tunic, grey, 180

thomas cowl tee, 280

thomas cowl tee shown with betina lou molly skirt, 95


Anonymous said...

love that model, she's rockin!

Tala Kamea said...

Love the Thomas line, of course! And yes, I do believe that even non-emaciated beings can look fabulous in these pieces! You Noko gals are hilarious.