Thursday, April 29, 2010

bennie & olive

Jenifer Forrest of Bennie & Olive is one of the few designers that I have been working with for years and years and years but never ever meet. But I kinda think that we'd get along a-okay. Reasons being: for one, she sends us fudge or cookies for christmas every year (hello! bff's for ever). Two, she's an Albertan prairie girl who moved away to the big city (Toronto), but I often see the prairies represented in her work. Three, her line is named after her grandparents, waa waa. And, lastly, she makes the most adorable accessories. I'm guessing quite a few of you are familiar with Jen's belts and belt buckles. They were the ones with the funny pictures on them (like her grade 6 class photo). Jen had out done herself with her latest creation. First, she made a diorama of a formal garden. See below.
Jen then snapped various photos of all of the different elements within the diorama. She transferred those photos onto vinyl, and then sewed them into cute little creations such as:
bennie & olive luggage tag, 19
bennie & olive coin purse, 15

OMG, so cute, yes? And super affordable too! I know they aren't going to last long (we sold one wallet yesterday moments after putting them out (and we only got 6 luggage tags and 6 coin wallets)). Come and snap them up. Oh and I forgot to mention, but the luggage tags are the secure kind, where your information isn't available to any prying eyes. There is a velcro closure, and inside is your information, tucked safely away. Just incase you get a little paranoid, like my mom.

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