Friday, April 2, 2010


Emilia, our newbie at the shop, was looking over one of our latest shipments, bikini's from Vancouver's Cuché. She was a little puzzled as to where someone who lived in Edmonton would wear one of these gorgeous suits (background info: she didn't grow up in Canada). I had to explain to her that while we are in the middle of the praire's, us Edmontonians know how to make water-time work in the summer. Trips to the legislative grounds to wade in the pool, saturday afternoons spent at the millcreek swimming pool, day trips with friends to float down the pembina river in tubes, as well as the numerous lakes scattered around this beautiful province (gull lake is one my favs); we make it work.

I'm holding my breathe till I can float down the pembina river again (the full charlie in stripe is my favourite). It's scheduled to open May 22 for weekends only, and then as of June 18th, during the weekdays too. Check out the website for more info. Anyway, I keep distracting you from the pictures. So, that said, check out some of the beautiful new suits that just arrived in the shop:

Ruby, 125

Charlie, low waisted, 160

Charlotte, 160

Charlie, low waisted, 160


Emilia said...

Just because I'm foreign, Jess! Hah. You Canadians and your strange ways..
Though now that I'm in the know I desperately want one of these.

Victoire said...

woah! love the high-waisted ones!