Friday, April 30, 2010

lily & jae

here are a few of our new lily & jae arrivals:

lily & jae lost dress, 220
lily & jae gibson dress, 174

lily & jae dream dress, 230 (this one has a beautiful back, it's semi-backless with a large bow tie)

we also received the creek cami and the southern skirt! cute! this sums up the beautiful collection by one of our favourite designers, so now its our duty to tromp around town in these pieces, riding bikes, drinking wine and enjoying the company of our friends. starting . . . NOW!

and speaking of summer inspiration, i saw this video and it made my heart sing. it also made me finally get off the couch and DO THINGS! creative things, loving things, and fun things.

p.s. anyone wanna do some stop-motion videos with me this summer?


jude said...

I love this video. Where did it come from?

nokomis said...

not sure, a friend posted it on fb and i fell in love with it! glad you like it too!