Thursday, April 15, 2010

jump for joy (or jericho!)

we just got in our re-order of allison wonderland jericho parka's! i was digging up a photo from allison's website, and remember what a brilliant shoot she had for this collection. jumping!

jericho parka, 256

southlands blouse, 149, (available in yellow and teal)

cardero blouse, 140
haro street skirt, 149 (only size 2 left)

denman dress, 189

anyone else watch ANTM last night? i was cat sitting for my mom, so i actually got to watch in on a television, rather than on the internet the next day. i was hoping it was going to be the go-see's episode, but i will wait patiently for that one. i'm so curious to see what designers have to say about angelea. she's so fire-y, but takes stunning photos. (and can we please get rid of alesia already?). also, when's project runway on tv? i might be able to watch that 'live' too! let me know! i love the home visits episodes!

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