Saturday, April 17, 2010

spicin' things up!

late this week, we decided to change up the store. i remember as a kid, i loved moving my bedroom furniture around. bed by the window, bed by the door, and on and on it went. there was something so satisfying about rearranging furniture, it always felt like a fresh new start. and it did always feel new, even though it was the same furniture, same decor, same everything.

and that's why i love merchandising! same thing i did as a kid. except a bigger space, more props, and less heavy furniture. check out some of the changes!

i also found this lovely table dress form at the antique mall! what a find, i was thrilled. they also had full on lady mannequins, like ones from department stores. 4 of them for $175 each. i was very tempted, but i just think dress forms are just more noko.

(featuring dagg and stacey standish blouse, 159)

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