Friday, May 29, 2009

fringe benefits

genevieve's myrtle and pearls feather earrings sure are popular around here! we can hardly keep the darn things in stock & she works her butt off to make sure we have a steady stream of fluttery jewels at all times.

for those who crave the myrtle and pearls but want something new, we've recently had the pleasure to add some of her leather fringe necklaces to our collection. these hand-cut fringe collars sure jazz up an outfit and, for $50, are a steal and a half.

add some oomph to your summer wardrobe, try a fringe.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

meet my new best friends

i like fancy things. i like mean things too. elegance with a nasty touch of sarcasm. luxury with a hint of depravity.

that's why these two pairs of boots we just got in the store are my new favorites. they're the perfect embodiment of high/low: classy/slutty, glamorous/trashy, sophisticated/sinful.

nokomis vintage booties, size 7 1/2, $35

nokomis vintage black suede boots, size 9 1/2, $49

like what you see? watch-out, those booties are just my size and i fear if i look at them too long i may have to snatch them up!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

idolatry part b)

while out for dinner with my ma monday night i found myself talking about the most beloved films of my childhood.

unlike the other kids on my block, busy watching beauty and the beast, tmnt and (when they could sneak it) flowers in the attic, i had my film-loving father to thank for introducing young me to my two favorites: some like it hot and singing in the rain.
at the time, it was a private badge of honor for me to count these as my cherished two. i was snobby that way (still am). even today, i'm happy to share these gems with anyone who'll pay attention; to introduce them to the magic of don lockwood & lina lamont, sugar kane kowalczyk & spats colombo. sometimes i even like to 'introduce people to the magic' whether they want to be introduced or not (right genevieve?) (usually invloves a bottle of wine).

on that note . . . here's a great (really great!) clip from singing in the rain with a wealth of golden hollywood interpretations of 1920s costumes. just to out-nerd myself, i actually drew an entire set of paper-dolls based on these outfits (which are sitting in my closet right now {the dolls, not the outfits}) sometime around 1992, you know, when my peers were out having sex and smoking pot for the first time.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009


i believe summer and simplicity go hand in hand. effortless and uncomplicated are key when it's so hot you're too lazy to think. when all you want against your skin is a wisp of a garment, light and airy as a cloud, our cobweb dress is the one for you. made of soft, grey, tencel jersey, the cobweb dress feels just like it sounds, spider silk for warm sleepy afternoons.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Parlour Dollhouse Fashion Show

If you haven't checked out the latest issue of Parlour Magazine, you should pick it up quick! My favorite spread in this issue is the marionette fashion layout. It's a stunning editorial piece. As well, this issue features Lady GaGa, Lykke Li (my new favorite summer music), along with tons of other great content.

In honour of the marionette spread, Parlour is throwing a Dollhouse Fashion Show on Saturday May 30. The show takes place at the Edmonton City Centre Mall, in the glass Pedway and features tons of local designers. Here is some info for you:

Get dolled up (literally) or dress as an action figure, and join us
for an evening of cocktails, fashion and music amidst Edmonton's
downtown city lights. Oh, and don't forget to get your photo taken in
our very own Dollhouse Photo Booth - compliments of Clayton Didier.

Cocktails at 8pm
Fashion Show at 9pm

Designers - Fridget, Sweet Carousel, Sessa, Suka Design, and Amor
Shops - Nokomis, Bamboo Ballroom, and Women With Vision
Mode Models
Hair by Mousy Browns
Makeup by Nicola Gavins

(The Pedway or "Bridge" is located on the second level, beneath the
Eveline Charles and right beside the Tim Hortons. West escalators
available for use.)

Tickets are only $15, and are available at nokomis, as well as at other select locations.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

today! 4pm!

i know we keep harping on and on about the sample sale but, trust me, it's a harp-worthy event! we don't get to throw parties like this with so many exclusive items from some of our favorite designers very often . i've already called dibs on one mono tank top and god help me if i don't end up blowing an entire paycheck on some of the gems that the talented ladies of vancouver have sent our way. remember too that everything (everything!) in the store will be 15% off for the evening so now's your chance to pick up that piece you've been dreaming about before things return to regular price for the rest of the summer.

need a grad dress? come on down!

got a wedding to go to this summer? come on down!

new job and money to burn? come on down! (do i sound like a car ad yet?)

come out! today only! 4-9 pm! see you there! no excuses! done and done! xo, nokomis!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


i have to admit that i've been daydreaming all day! it's hard concentrating when all i have to look at are pretty summer dresses. i can't begin to tell you how much i want to throw one on and race out of here in search of a beach!

she knows how i feel (not that there are beaches like this in alberta, nor am i six. but a girl can daydream!)

and were this the case, i would be wearing this:

dace waters dress, $252.

along with this:

erin templeton palooka bag, $445.

and i could stuff all my books, blankets, charms and maybe some fruit into this lovely sack. i would go for a walk in the sand until my feet could carry me no more.


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Monday, May 18, 2009

Vancouver Sample Sale! May 21st!

Surprise! Do we have a treat for you!

Join us from 4 - 9 pm on Thursday, May 21 for an exclusive, one time event: Vancouver Sample Sale. Vancouver designers, such as Dace, Sunja Link, Lily & Jae, Imaginary Friend and Mono are all sending us their previous season's stock which will be available for this one evening only.

Items start at only $30. Many of these are styles which we have never carried before. Sizes range from xs-s-m-l, but are very limited. There will be tops, dresses, pants, coats and more!

Hastings + Main, a very beloved designer of ours, who is currently in Ghana, has sent some of her previous season's stock too! This will also be one of your last opportunities to purchase Sunja Link as, after she finishes her Fall 2009 collection, she will be a full time mom to her new baby, Moss. Imaginary Friend is also pursing new adventures after this spring season, so snap it up well you can!

As well, since we love throwing parties, all regular priced Spring 2009 merchandise will be 15% off! Samples will be put out at 4 pm sharp, so we'll see you then, or shortly after. Hope you are as excited as we are! Only three sleeps!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

start getting excited

boy are you gals lucky.

we've got something special in the works ... something coming up really soon! next thursday to be exact!!

check back for details cause i'm telling ya, you won't want to miss out on this one.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

dear edmonton,

we've been together for a long time now. you watched as i climbed the slide in mis-matched socks and a skirt tucked into my underpants. you held my hand while i bought those beloved skin-tight acid wash jeans from below-the-belt at millwoods town center; not necessarily the envy of the other 8th graders like i'd hoped but stylin' nevertheless. you were there when i purchased my first second-hand bell bottoms and you urged me to own the audley snakeskin boots which continue to receive compliments today.

stylistically, edmonton, we've been through a lot. we've had good times and bad and, perhaps naively, i thought we'd come to a certain higher understanding. a "you rub my back, i'll rub yours" sort of idea. specifically: don't screw around with the weather too much and i'll try and make you look good in return.

oh edmonton! after much thoughtful deliberation it pains me to let you know you've really dropped the ball this time around. i'm approaching the end of my rope and really don't know how much more of you i can take. sure we're all a little bipolar now and then but, really, +21 on monday and a high of three today? have you got your period edmonton? i know it's hard but that's no reason to make the rest of us suffer.

i just want you to know that i have dresses to wear on your streets. i have skirts to show off and coats to cover them with. shorts to romp around in and tops to rock out in. please know edmonton that i do this all for you. i live to make you look good. it is my sole purpose in life.

so chin up old friend, shine your famous sun down on me while i still desire it. you wouldn't want me running to gossip with vancouver now, would you? and if you're feeling down please know i'm here to listen. let's just talk it out, find a solution and then you're free to be summer-edmonton and i'm free to wear my lily and jae dare dress while the riggers cat-call from their trucks. god i love this town!

pull yourself together edmonton. let's not waste these few precious months of pure delight we get to share year after year. it's time to put your summer face on now. and i'll go put on my summer pants.

xoxo, eliz.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

words to live by

there's nothing to do here but look at the view and eat. you can imagine the result since i do not like to look at views.
- zelda fitzgerald

my ma's great at finding me things that i'll enjoy. a few years ago she gave me "the wicked wit of women", a silly little book full of fabulous female quotes on all manner of subjects from sex to food to money and fashion, you know, the good stuff. here are a few favorites:

i must say i hate money but it's the lack of it i hate most.
- katherine mansfield

i shall be an autocrat: that's my trade. and the good lord will forgive me: that's his.
- catherine the great

canada is useful only to provide me with furs.
- jeanne antoinette poisson, madame de pompadour

oh, really? what is she reading?
- dame edith evans when told that nancy mitford had borrowed a friend's villa in order to finish a book

it's beige! my colour!
- elise dewolfe on first seeing the acropolis

this book has many other gems, some deep and thoughtful, some powerful and provoking-- however i like the nasty, clever ones best. oh to possess such wit!

Monday, May 11, 2009

sun lovin'

well, it's turning out to be a beautiful monday in edmonton. with a high of +21, starter buds on all the trees and pale blue skies it's a perfect day for enjoying the great outdoors.

best bring a shawl too in anticipation of prairie clouds big enough to block out the sun on one street while light and warmth rain down on the next.

lily and jae 'date dress', 178

pyrrha bronze 'vanity' seal necklace, 112

erin templeton 'large palooka bag', 445

nokomis vintage shoes, 25

mono 'knotted scarf', 69

Friday, May 8, 2009

once the clouds lift

ladies, i think it's finally here! get ready... throw on your dresses, grab your bikes and we shall ride. i'll bring a bottle of wine and you will bring the cheese. cool green grass on the north side of the high level bridge will be our place to lay. propped on top the hill, stories and laughter will fill the air as the sun will fall slowly over the valley. 
spring has started! enjoy!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

mothers day

i hope this sunday the sun shines. i would love to spend the day hanging out with my mom, eating brie and drinking mimosas on her patio. one mothers day, when i was in grade 7, and completely penniless, i walked over to the drug store and bought a mug for $5. i knew at the time it was a shitty gift, but it was all i could afford. and to this day, 16 years later, my mom still has the mug in her cupboard. here are a few things that i have been eyeing up at the shop for her:

erin templeton, tcb tote $445.

pyrrha, 'mum' seal necklace $90.

bueno style, oval locket earrings $28.

pyrrha  rose seal, $78.

anna zygowski, scarf $105.

smoking lily, tea towel $15.

brave brown bag,  houndstooth madi $90. (on sale!)

we're open 11-8 pm on thursday & friday, 10-6 pm on saturday and 12-6 on on sunday. happy mothers day to all of the mothers out there, we love you!


our spring practicum student, fiona, is a dream and a half. yesterday she pulled out, measured, re-rolled and re-stacked all the fabrics we keep under our drafting table. it may not seem like a big job but i tell ya, i'm glad it was her and not me! too bad we didn't take any before shots to show what an amazing feat she accomplished.

Friday, May 1, 2009

le gini

as you may or may not know, jessica and i forever pray to the altar of ms. gini bray, mother, mentor and inventor of nokomis. we are eternally inspired by her strength, vision and style.

lucky jessica was able to visit gini again just recently (seriously, can't wait till i get the chance) while driving edmonton legend penny jo buckner out to her new home in vancouver this week. with hopes of seeing gini again soon, here are some videos in her honor:

we love you gini.

treasure chest

about a week ago i was enjoying a sunday bike ride and decided to stop at a local junk shop on the southside. the little old lady who runs the shop (and she is little, and very old) pointed out this beautiful jewellery box which once belonged to her own grandmother, dating it from the 1850s. well of course i bought it, she seemed so excited for me to have it and i'm a sucker for beautiful, broken things.

but now i need to fill it with fitting treasures.

buenostyle 'fleur de lis earrings', 24

la fabrique 'button necklace', 90

mizdragonfly 'peacock ring', 31

myrtle and pearls feather and chain earrings, 36

lisbeth necklace, 92