Thursday, May 21, 2009

today! 4pm!

i know we keep harping on and on about the sample sale but, trust me, it's a harp-worthy event! we don't get to throw parties like this with so many exclusive items from some of our favorite designers very often . i've already called dibs on one mono tank top and god help me if i don't end up blowing an entire paycheck on some of the gems that the talented ladies of vancouver have sent our way. remember too that everything (everything!) in the store will be 15% off for the evening so now's your chance to pick up that piece you've been dreaming about before things return to regular price for the rest of the summer.

need a grad dress? come on down!

got a wedding to go to this summer? come on down!

new job and money to burn? come on down! (do i sound like a car ad yet?)

come out! today only! 4-9 pm! see you there! no excuses! done and done! xo, nokomis!

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