Wednesday, May 27, 2009

idolatry part b)

while out for dinner with my ma monday night i found myself talking about the most beloved films of my childhood.

unlike the other kids on my block, busy watching beauty and the beast, tmnt and (when they could sneak it) flowers in the attic, i had my film-loving father to thank for introducing young me to my two favorites: some like it hot and singing in the rain.
at the time, it was a private badge of honor for me to count these as my cherished two. i was snobby that way (still am). even today, i'm happy to share these gems with anyone who'll pay attention; to introduce them to the magic of don lockwood & lina lamont, sugar kane kowalczyk & spats colombo. sometimes i even like to 'introduce people to the magic' whether they want to be introduced or not (right genevieve?) (usually invloves a bottle of wine).

on that note . . . here's a great (really great!) clip from singing in the rain with a wealth of golden hollywood interpretations of 1920s costumes. just to out-nerd myself, i actually drew an entire set of paper-dolls based on these outfits (which are sitting in my closet right now {the dolls, not the outfits}) sometime around 1992, you know, when my peers were out having sex and smoking pot for the first time.


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Anonymous said...

My dad introduced me to these - he would dance around the kitchen to the music on the reel to reel when he was making spaghetti sauce.. thanks for reminding me of such a fond memory.xo