Wednesday, May 13, 2009

dear edmonton,

we've been together for a long time now. you watched as i climbed the slide in mis-matched socks and a skirt tucked into my underpants. you held my hand while i bought those beloved skin-tight acid wash jeans from below-the-belt at millwoods town center; not necessarily the envy of the other 8th graders like i'd hoped but stylin' nevertheless. you were there when i purchased my first second-hand bell bottoms and you urged me to own the audley snakeskin boots which continue to receive compliments today.

stylistically, edmonton, we've been through a lot. we've had good times and bad and, perhaps naively, i thought we'd come to a certain higher understanding. a "you rub my back, i'll rub yours" sort of idea. specifically: don't screw around with the weather too much and i'll try and make you look good in return.

oh edmonton! after much thoughtful deliberation it pains me to let you know you've really dropped the ball this time around. i'm approaching the end of my rope and really don't know how much more of you i can take. sure we're all a little bipolar now and then but, really, +21 on monday and a high of three today? have you got your period edmonton? i know it's hard but that's no reason to make the rest of us suffer.

i just want you to know that i have dresses to wear on your streets. i have skirts to show off and coats to cover them with. shorts to romp around in and tops to rock out in. please know edmonton that i do this all for you. i live to make you look good. it is my sole purpose in life.

so chin up old friend, shine your famous sun down on me while i still desire it. you wouldn't want me running to gossip with vancouver now, would you? and if you're feeling down please know i'm here to listen. let's just talk it out, find a solution and then you're free to be summer-edmonton and i'm free to wear my lily and jae dare dress while the riggers cat-call from their trucks. god i love this town!

pull yourself together edmonton. let's not waste these few precious months of pure delight we get to share year after year. it's time to put your summer face on now. and i'll go put on my summer pants.

xoxo, eliz.