Wednesday, October 22, 2008


anyone who lives in edmonton knows that we never get much of a fall. we're not like halifax with their weeks of beautiful bright leaves and ever-crisping winds. we don't enjoy a long and bountiful harvest like southern ontario or quebec might and we rarely get rain and rainbows and lingering green like in vancouver. in edmonton fall comes after the first week of september, turns the leaves golden the week after, blows most of them to the ground by the end of the month and snow hits by halloween, you can set your watch to it. at least we can look forward to sunshine throughout, snowstorms included.

this year, for whatever reason, we're enjoying an unusually warm and pleasant fall. an indian summer even. the mornings are crisp and clear and blue, the afternoons are generally warm and the evenings crackle with the excitement of a changing season rather than the dread of a fast approaching winter.

let's hope this lovely weather lasts just a little bit longer before we need to think about scarves and socks and keeping out the cold (though that can be fun too). I trust everyone is enjoying these last few weeks of fall; it’s a great time to wander down the avenue, sit for a last patio brunch, crunch leaves during river valley walks and meet friends for an evening beer. enjoy.

Friday, October 17, 2008

penny wise and pound foolish

we've been lacking on some smaller purse options lately, so genevieve whipped up with these cute little coin purses. they're made from her leftover leather scraps, and each comes with a printed cotton liner. they're just big enough to store all of your change, or even use as a little makeup bag to toss in your purse.

ebba coin purse, $24.

karima purse, $29.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Monday, October 13, 2008

online store woes.

hi! just wanted to let you know that the online store is slowly coming along. we've had a few set backs, but things are back on track and it will be up soon-ish. be patient with us, cause it's gonna be great when it's up! as well, if you want to hear about the official launch, shoot me an email at and I will add you to our list.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

pyhrra letter seals, each $86.

pyrrha 'crown of feathers', $130.

"Feathers symbolize serenity"

pyrrha bronze fox crest for $140, cherub for $90, rose for $78, and tree for $108.

The "Seal reads 'rather die than change' in French."
The rose "Represents true love. Roses can also sometimes be a symbol of a secret."

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


in addition to the bags and belts genevieve makes out of new leather for the nokomis accessory line we also make a number of recycled-leather bags to sell in our store. though the finished bags are always unique and beautiful we occasionally find an item among the raw materials that is a gem in it's own right. it makes cutting up these items harder than would seem.

allow me to illustrate...
voila! high-waisted white leather pants. i couldn't resist having a little photoshoot with laurel. and, yes, that is a zipper going all the way up my butt.

new fall stock 10.01.08

peel 'heroine dress', $180, over lily & jay 'brodway blouse', $135, with nokomis 'square purse', $152.

imaginary friend ' silk tuck dress', $165, with astrosatchel 'wool friday purse', $95.

nokomis 'aria dress', $164, with la fabrique button necklaces, each $48.

dagg & stacey 'cambridge coat', $349, over majolie 'charmaine sweater', $185, with  LnE 'bard skirt', $172, and  lisbeth 'pear drop necklace', $89.

preloved 'jezabel dress', $135, over dace 'cherie blouse', $152, with nokomis 'lizzy belt', $65.