Wednesday, November 24, 2010

make-it happen!

sorry to be so neglectful! i've been running around this week trying to get everything together for Make-It Edmonton, which starts tomorrow! come by and say hi to sabrina butterfly and i. the hours are:

Thursday November 25: 4-9pm
Friday November 26: 12-9pm
Saturday November 27: 10-5pm
Sunday November 28: 11-5pm

rumor has it that i will have more miss ellie preloved sweaters too!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

30 Days of Edmonton

Check out this blog post from Amanda at Lightside Photography. It features the lovely moi. Amanda has an amazing concept: 30 days of Edmonton. Out of Amanda's own mouth (via her blog):

Say hello to my newest brain child, 30 Days of Edmonton. (Isn’t she beautiful???) This project is close to my heart, because, well…I really like to shop, and eat, and be involved in my community. So, I decided to highlight a few of my favourite places throughout Edmonton that are locally owned…and by a few, I mean 30. That counts as a few, right? Ok, so the dictionary might argue otherwise. Originally I had set out to accomplish this mission before Christmas, and then I found out that I may be a little crazy in thinking that would actually be possible…but you know what? I’m going to go for it anyway! (yikes!) So I hope you will follow me as I chat with the dreamers and workers that shape our community and hopefully I will have inspired you to visit some of these local treasures.

Fills my heart with joy! Can't wait to read about other shops and hopefully discover a few new ones! Make sure you follow her; we need to continue to support as many small local businesses as we can.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

new deliveries!

hey bunny, look at the cute bennie & olive mitts we just received! jill and i are both modeling them, and they are available in red and in navy. $39.

we also received more treasures from bennie & olive, including bunny scarves (navy only), coin purses, and luggage tags. we also just received a batch of new books from Simply Read Books, including this gem:

This lovely book is a Michif Alphabet book; the Michif language is the language of the Metis people, which combines Cree and French.

Owls See Clearly at Night (Lii Yiiboo Nayaapiwak lii Swer), $18.95

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

party o'clock!

Join us on Friday November 19th, from 4-9 pm for a Thank You Party. We've made it another year thanks to your support. Merci. In honour of you, there will be wine and treats (CAKE!), also, all regular priced stock will be on sale! It's one of those 'draw for your discount', and you will get at least 15% off, but a few lucky ones will get 30% or even 50% off their purchase! Yeah!

And, best of all, we are debuting our Nokomis Holiday Line! Pillows! Tea Cup Candles! Silk Screen Hoodies! Get a head start on holiday shopping (or at least pick up a few things for yourself. A good ratio when buying for others: one gift for them/one gift for you).

We should even have a few holiday dresses in from local sweetheart Maked!

So, uh, basically: fun! party! wine! merci!

Monday, November 15, 2010

markdown time!

Here's a look at some of the great deals we have at the shop now:

Dace Victor Top, reg: 174 sale: 124
Anna de Courcy Sterling Graduated Chain Necklace, 400 (last one!)
Erin Templeton Obi Belt, 68

Lily & Jae Slater Top, reg: 175 sale: 109
Ashley Watson Skinny Belt, 90
Toodlebunny Chain n' Tusk Necklace, 115

Osei Duro Kaften, reg: 150 sale: 99
(also available in black, with same front panel detail)

Snoflake Ganesh Dress, reg: 260 sale: 189
Toodlebunny Lil Petit 'y' Leaves Necklace, 84

Sunja Link Bowtie Dress, reg: 250 sale: 179
Erin Templeton Obi Belt, 68

Lily & Jae Jones Jacket, reg: 284 sale: 195
Ella Peru Tux Skirt, reg: 152 sale: 99

Ella Peru Wool Blouse, reg:100 sale: 69

Nixxi Batwing Top, reg: 89 sale: 69
Birds of North America Merganser Skirt, 135
Ering Templeton Obi Belt, 88
Lily & Jae Sammy Scarf, 45

Maked Blush Dress, reg: 150 sale: 99
Lisbeth Gold Plated Agate Stone Necklace, 86

Maked Rose Top reg: 134 sale: 79
Preloved Jules Skirt reg: 160 sale: 119

And remember, limited sizes, so come by soon to make sure you have the best selection! xox.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

staff picks student edition: Kaitlin!

Hello Lovelies,

Nokomis’ unofficial occupational health nurse (-ing student) here. I hope you have all been enjoying the uncharacteristic balmy weather and taking every chance to get outside! I have only just emerged from the library with the tell tale post midterm pallor and squinting eyes. It has been nice to spend an afternoon in the store, reintegrating into society, and eyeing all the pretty clothes and jewels we’ve received in the past few weeks.

One thing that helps me to get up and get to the library on weekends is to say no to the sweatpants and pick out a stylish and comfortable ensemble instead. In a program where I spend a significant amount of time in scrubs, why waste an opportunity to wear my favorite pieces?

Here are a few of my picks from the store suitable for an afternoon of studying and a subsequent coffee date with the cutie in the cubicle next to yours.

Outfit 1

I love sweater dresses! It’s like wearing a well tailored blanket, where can you go wrong?

Cici Annabell Dress Gray, 130

Smoking Lily Cameo Belt, 45

Tan Cowboy Boots size 6.5-7, 59

Toodlebunny Viva! Necklace, 75

Outfit 2

I met the very talented Meghan Irish of Dru’s Design’s at Nokomis’ October Trunk Show and got a sneak peak at Spring 2011…good things are to come! For now you can pick up one of these a-ma-zing shirts (small, medium and large left in store). I wear mine all the time!

Dru’s Designs MIA Blouse Brown, 80

This is to play the stuck in the library blues:

Biko Harmonica Necklace, 95

Finally where would you be without a Smoking Lily book bag and Regional Assembly of Text notebook?

Smoking Lily Tote, 30

Regional Assembly of Text Notebook, 14

Hope this has helped motivate all you students reading the blog to quit procrastinating and get to the bibliotheque. Now get back to work!!



Wednesday, November 10, 2010

staff picks: Jill!

New dresses and jewelery and purses, oh my! How can a girl ever choose? (Hint-layaway.)
Here are a few items I currently have a crush on.

Don't get lost in a sea of plaid and flannel when the cold weather arrives; beat the winter blues in a vibrant tribal print. Maybe you'll even coax the sun out of hiding.
Osei Duro tunic, 98

If Dr. Suess was reincarnated as a pair of mittens this what they would look like.
Giraffedactyl mittens, 58

Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but a great hand bag is forever! Especially if that bag is made of buttery soft, emerald green leather.
Erin Templeton large tote, 365

Cute enough for a holiday party and comfy enough to pass out in after; you can't say the same for silk!
Preloved Tess sweater, 145

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

steel bananas

check out this interview i did with girl of birthday for the online magazine steel bananas:

Monday, November 8, 2010


hey, look what i found! over on the beautiful osei-duro blog they did a post called 'meet the ladies who make your clothes', where they showcase the seamstresses from the two women's collectives that they work with to produce your clothing:

what a beautiful post! i'd recommend checking it out on their blog, as the image is much better, but i just wanted to share with you what i found! xox.

New Fall Outfits!

The weather has been beautiful (no snow yet! yay!) so no need for all those bulky clothes quite yet! Here's just a few cute fall outfits we threw together.

Rita DiCesare Gwenyth Dress, 250
Dace Hunter Scarf, 120

Anna De Courcy 30" Anchor Chain w/ Antique Pocket Watch Clasp & Sterling Pinecone, 260

Dace Vicki Blouse also available in black, 175
Las Valentias Skirt, 154

Biko Charm Cluster Necklace, 79

Dace Kristen Top, 185
Preloved Jules Skirt, 160

Biko Bullet Necklace, 69

Dace Albert Dress, 300
Anna De Courcy 26" Sterling Graduated Chain Necklace, 400

Ashley Watson Pipit Bag, 330

Dagg & Stacey Sabine Dress,230
Erin Templeton Leather Belt, 68
Noko Vintage Shoes Size 7.5, 35

Anna De Courcy Pinecone Necklace, 260

Dagg & Stacey Rivette Blazer, 230
Dagg & Stacey Anouk Aimee Blouse, 160
Lily & Jae Penny Skirt, 135
Noko Vintage Shoes, sold

Biko Kaleidoscope Necklace, 149

Snoflake Bengal Stole, 79
Rita DiCesare Dress, 239
Preloved Rhonda Jacket, 154
Dagg & Stacey Anouk Aimee Blouse, 160
Noko Vintage Shoes Size 6, 35

Toodlebunny Modern Pocahontas Necklace, 135