Saturday, November 13, 2010

staff picks student edition: Kaitlin!

Hello Lovelies,

Nokomis’ unofficial occupational health nurse (-ing student) here. I hope you have all been enjoying the uncharacteristic balmy weather and taking every chance to get outside! I have only just emerged from the library with the tell tale post midterm pallor and squinting eyes. It has been nice to spend an afternoon in the store, reintegrating into society, and eyeing all the pretty clothes and jewels we’ve received in the past few weeks.

One thing that helps me to get up and get to the library on weekends is to say no to the sweatpants and pick out a stylish and comfortable ensemble instead. In a program where I spend a significant amount of time in scrubs, why waste an opportunity to wear my favorite pieces?

Here are a few of my picks from the store suitable for an afternoon of studying and a subsequent coffee date with the cutie in the cubicle next to yours.

Outfit 1

I love sweater dresses! It’s like wearing a well tailored blanket, where can you go wrong?

Cici Annabell Dress Gray, 130

Smoking Lily Cameo Belt, 45

Tan Cowboy Boots size 6.5-7, 59

Toodlebunny Viva! Necklace, 75

Outfit 2

I met the very talented Meghan Irish of Dru’s Design’s at Nokomis’ October Trunk Show and got a sneak peak at Spring 2011…good things are to come! For now you can pick up one of these a-ma-zing shirts (small, medium and large left in store). I wear mine all the time!

Dru’s Designs MIA Blouse Brown, 80

This is to play the stuck in the library blues:

Biko Harmonica Necklace, 95

Finally where would you be without a Smoking Lily book bag and Regional Assembly of Text notebook?

Smoking Lily Tote, 30

Regional Assembly of Text Notebook, 14

Hope this has helped motivate all you students reading the blog to quit procrastinating and get to the bibliotheque. Now get back to work!!



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Kastles said...

Very cute! it is hard not to wear sweats when you are studying, hahaha. The plaid shirt is very cute!
<3 Kastles