Thursday, November 18, 2010

30 Days of Edmonton

Check out this blog post from Amanda at Lightside Photography. It features the lovely moi. Amanda has an amazing concept: 30 days of Edmonton. Out of Amanda's own mouth (via her blog):

Say hello to my newest brain child, 30 Days of Edmonton. (Isn’t she beautiful???) This project is close to my heart, because, well…I really like to shop, and eat, and be involved in my community. So, I decided to highlight a few of my favourite places throughout Edmonton that are locally owned…and by a few, I mean 30. That counts as a few, right? Ok, so the dictionary might argue otherwise. Originally I had set out to accomplish this mission before Christmas, and then I found out that I may be a little crazy in thinking that would actually be possible…but you know what? I’m going to go for it anyway! (yikes!) So I hope you will follow me as I chat with the dreamers and workers that shape our community and hopefully I will have inspired you to visit some of these local treasures.

Fills my heart with joy! Can't wait to read about other shops and hopefully discover a few new ones! Make sure you follow her; we need to continue to support as many small local businesses as we can.

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Amy Lauree said...

that was such a great blog post!