Monday, November 1, 2010


my charming grandma was in town this week, visiting my mom, sister and i from calgary. and what would a visit be without a shopping trip to nokomis?

dottie had no problems finding some new sweaters to try on! to the people who tell me the store is just too young for them: my 87 year old grandma didn't have any problems. age is just a number!

grandma finally decided on this sweater:

eve gravel shampoo cardigan, 179

she also grabbed a pair of cozy preloved slippers:

preloved cindy slipper, 29 (available in s/m and m/L)

it was such a treat to have my very own nokomis in the shop, supporting me. i love you, grandma, come visit again soon! xox.


Amy Lauree said...

That is the sweetest, that grey sweater is too cute on her!
I want those slippers for guests at our house to wear on our cold hardwood floors...

Jaime/Bella-Bijou Jewellery said...

That is so sweet! I totally agree with you about age being a number - my grandmother is the hippest woman I know!

elizabeth said...

What a beauty. Speaking of grandmas & slippers (& guest slippers), my Nana always keeps a variety of slippers at her house for whenever any guest comes to visit. Even if it's the middle of summer you get offered a pair of slippers when you visit her house. What a wonderful idea.

Jasmine said...

this post just about killed me in cuteness.

Victoire said...

love this!!