Sunday, October 31, 2010

ginger the cat

ginger the cat came for a little shop visit this past week. she was so adorable sitting in the front window i had to snap a few photos for you.

she's such an explorer, she loves visits to the shop. i think mainly cause she gets away from her paranoid and grouchy little sister, simone. ginger comes out of her shell at the shop and just wants to cuddle with everyone. kristena's black pants were covered in cat hair from ginger twisting in and out of her legs trying to get some cuddles in.

ginger is an indoor/outdoor cat, and as the weather begins to turn, she'll be making weekly visits to the shop, as long as we can find more successful ways to get her into her carrier.

meow meow! happy halloween!


supayana said...

oh ginger, she's so pretty! is she a tortoiseshell?

Cat-toure Cat Clothes said...

Hope you had a great Halloween Ginger!

Victoire said...

omg you guys have a store cat?! amazing!!

nokomis said...

she's a muted tortie, so soft greys and soft oranges. so pretty! and i love that she's kinda tiny too. she lives at home with me but will be coming to store more often with the cold weather. i think that if i left her overnight, all the pretty lace pieces would be shredded to pieces the next morning! xox.