Friday, October 29, 2010


we just got in our latest shipment of treats from the Regional Assembly of Text. lots of holiday cards (but i'm hiding those for a few more weeks) and these beautiful wall calendars:

there are tear away calendars on silk screened baltic birch (6" by 10"). we received them in these three patterns, and they all go for only $21. i think they'll be the kind of gift that you buy for your friend, and then end up buying one for yourself too. just saying.


Anonymous said...

Hope you guys can have an online shopping website or catalogue thing so that ppl can buy/order online! I just moved from Edmonton to Toronto. I miss your store soooooo much!!!!

nokomis said...

we don't have an official online store, but we ship orders all over north america each month. send us an email or give us a ring whenever you see something you love, and we can help you out!