Wednesday, October 6, 2010


The studio is finally put together, which means: I can silk screen!

First, mix your base and pigments.

Then grab your screen. This one is much loved.

Then get your fabric placed:

And voila! My first raven in years! It was a little shakey, but, hey, I did it! And the streaks just add character, right?

Success! I did it! Thankfully my SNAP class starts this evening, so I should be able to branch out soon!

Meanwhile, the more bag fabric the merrier. I hate to say it, but the big, major seasonal holiday is approaching, so we're going to need to stock up on bag fabric!

And I have to admit, I love heading down to the basement to work in the little studio! Up next: pillows and aprons! Cross your fingers that I make it work! xox.


Fiona said...

that used to be my favorite job, jessica!

Anonymous said...

looking great

Victoire said...

Love this!!