Wednesday, October 27, 2010

display magazine

Display Magazine Issue 3 is now in the shop! It's $12 and features a lovely spread of noko clothes modeled by our home town sweety, Colleen Brown, and shot by Miss Emilia. This issue explores the intersections between music and design, with topics ranging from album cover artwork, to gig posters, to sound design, to rhythm analysis theory and more. Sweet.


Kastles said...

What is this display magazine? Is it a new local magazine? I will have to come check it out. Also I look forward to seeing the pillows. :)

nokomis said...

hi! display maagazine is a national canadian magazine featuring anything and everything design related. it was started by two talented edmonton based women (one who now calls vancouver home). this is they're 3rd issue, and it looks amazing! xox.