Thursday, April 30, 2009

currently craving...

bratty prep.

i want lazy pouting by my parent's pool in this cuche 'charlie' bikini. sipping iced tea with not a care in the world.

wandering down to the winks for a rocket popsicle after throwing this sunja link 'raglan sleeve dress' over my bathing suit.reading john bellairs novels in the park, sucking jawbreakers and wearing this allison wonderland 'picnic' skirt.

schlepping my erin templeton leather tote down to the doughnut mill for a honey cruller, making eyes at scott henderson and dreaming of being grown-up.

tweet tweet

sorry for dropping off the face of the blog planet. trips to vancouver and forgetting one's camera make for lousy blog posts! we're back now though, better than ever, or will be soon at least.

in the meantime, we're twitting! (tweeting? twating? twit twats?). so if you're dying to know what we're up to right! now! come follow us on twitter, ok?


Sunday, April 26, 2009

dance dance dance

even though i woke up to snow this morning, i know that summer just has to be here soon. and when it does, holy shit, am i ready for it.

i can't wait for the day that elizabeth and i hop on our bikes and take a cruise through the river valley. maybe spend sometime at the legislative grounds, and, if we're lucky, come across something as magical as this:

Lykke Li & Bon Iver doing 'Dance Dance Dance' in L.A from Lykke Li on Vimeo.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

don't even pretend you haven't been there...

some things remind you so much of art school circa 1998 that's it's just embarrassing.

wait... did i just date myself?

you made it!!

university's out, your exams are almost over and it's time to celebrate! pat yourselves on the back friends, you made it through to the other side.

to show our support (and to make it easier to treat yourself for a change) we're going to give you 25% off any nokomis houseline piece with the purchase of any other regular priced item.

been eyeing up our peaseblossom dress and a pair of myrtle & pearls earrings? buy the earrings for $30 and we'll give you 25% off the dress! have two weddings to attend this summer and don't want to double up on outfits? buy the dagg and stacey dress you love and we'll give you 25% off the noko one you love too (why choose?). need to find some new clothes for your summer office job? get an eve gravel blazer and we'll give you 25% off a nokomis budapest skirt.

we know you're busy right now too so we'll be running this promotion a whole week starting this thursday, april 23 to wednesday, april 29.

oh, and if you didn't just finish school don't worry about it! we're happy when everyone's happy so this discount applies to all.

hope to see you soon!
xo, nokomis

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

shoes news

jessica's a star when it comes to finding amazing vintage shoes. i have, like, 5 pairs in my closet alone that are the result of her keen eye. lucky for us (and you!) she's just brought in a whole bunch of knockout shoes, booties and boots. here's a taste of what we've got in store; as always, shoes are $25, short booties $35 and boots are $49. you'll just have to wander down to the shop to see the other amazing styles we've got in store.

these last ones are dude shoes and say 'made in england' which makes me think they might be carnaby street orginals. so... if you know a stylish dude with 9/9.5 feet make sure you send him our way!

Monday, April 20, 2009

monday outfit

mondays are confusing... do i love my job? yes. do i want to be at work? no. do i want to live a glamorous outgoing lifestyle? yes. do i want to do anything other than go home and eat cake at the end of the day? no.

on mondays i want it all, a little butter silk, a little black leather.

nokomis 'dusk dress' 210

complex geometries 'silk square scarf' 80

nokomis patent leather 'gillespie bag' 395

buenostyle 'locket earrings' 28

nokomis vintage booties 35

Thursday, April 16, 2009

yet again, and again...

tonight friends! make sure you come out to the hydeaway for the opening of institute parachute member and favorite nokomis friend chelsea boida's art show 'yet again, and again...'

chelsea uses recycled printed media as a sculptural drawing material and also likes fur, recycling, beets and taxidermy. nokomis had a chance to display some of chelsea's work a few months back in the cabinet gallery and we're super excited to see what she's been up to lately. she's come all the way from her new home in vancouver just for the event and will be giving an artist presentation later in the evening. there'll also be cake (cake!) and music from dj adam waldron-blain.

party runs 7pm till midnight at 10209 100 Ave, edmonton and we hope to see you there!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

fashion show behind the scenes

well, our fashion show is all over now. so much preparation for such a few short minutes of display. we had a great time though and, again, we truly want to thank shanti hair, gravity pope, myrtle and pearls, carmen and katie, all our beautiful models and the many great individuals involved with edmonton fashion week. thanks too to tara who organized the whole nokomis shebang and, as usual, did a beautiful job. we heart you tara.

here's just a few quick shots of the big build-up. we hope to upload a video of the actual event soon too but need the expertise of our teenager first... turns out we're techno-weenies.

thanks to all for coming out, you really made our night.

our faithful make-up gals, katie and carmen.

the dressers, though we're missing photos of genevieve and tara who were both instrumental in making sure we pulled it all off.

the shoes. ah, the shoes. merci ramona.

the beautiful ones.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


we've received a ton of new stuff in the store this week including many of the nokomis styles we've been so eagerly anticipating. one of my favorites is the filomena dress. sewn from a lovely, thick, tigerlily-coloured cotton we brought over from italy, the filomena dress is named for italian-born albertan filomena losandro, the last woman to be hanged in canada. though morbid inspiration for a dress, perhaps, we were intrigued by filomena's story of love and murder in prohibition-era alberta and also by the 2003 opera written about her life.

if you're a fan of the 'aria' dress from our fall 2008 collection then be sure to check out the filomena. it's a shorter, brighter, summery and playfully sexy take on the aria dress, perfect for causing trouble and finding love under the summer sun.

Friday, April 10, 2009

easter dress

my mom was the eldest of five kids as well as the only girl-child in her family. she grew up on the outskirts of a (not so small anymore) small town southeast of edmonton. when it was spring she and her family used to go pick crocuses by the side of the highway. at eastertime she always got a new easter dress, including the accoutrements fitting a girls's best dress from the late 50s/early 60s.

sometimes when i was a kid i'd get a new easter dress too. also when i was a kid, we'd cut pussy willows from the strip of brush beside my grandparent's house (we used to call it "the jungle") and that's how we knew spring had really come.

i love the idea of the easter dress, a brand new special garment just for the season. the other day jessica and i both picked out our most desired easter outfits from the store. all we lack are hats and gloves and a basket full of eggs.

allison wonderland 'picnic dress', buenostyle necklace

dagg and stacey 'mata dress', buenostyle necklace

happy spring everyone!