Tuesday, April 14, 2009


we've received a ton of new stuff in the store this week including many of the nokomis styles we've been so eagerly anticipating. one of my favorites is the filomena dress. sewn from a lovely, thick, tigerlily-coloured cotton we brought over from italy, the filomena dress is named for italian-born albertan filomena losandro, the last woman to be hanged in canada. though morbid inspiration for a dress, perhaps, we were intrigued by filomena's story of love and murder in prohibition-era alberta and also by the 2003 opera written about her life.

if you're a fan of the 'aria' dress from our fall 2008 collection then be sure to check out the filomena. it's a shorter, brighter, summery and playfully sexy take on the aria dress, perfect for causing trouble and finding love under the summer sun.

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