Wednesday, April 1, 2009

toronto funsies!

one of the best parts about my job, the one i look forward to the most, is the trips! and well elizabeth and i never travel too far (it IS an all canadian clothing store) we always manage to find fun times. i was in toronto a few weeks ago, doing fall buying for the store and also wholesaling our nokomis fall line to the fabulous boutiques out east.

i stayed at the gladstone this time around. it's over a 100 years old (same as our building, the griffith block) and has always been operated as a family run hotel. in fact, the original family who owned it was a widow, susanna robinson, and her 13 children, who all lived in the hotel at the time (my childhood fantasy!).

the gladstone recently underwent major renovations, and now all 37 rooms have each been designed by a different artist. i stayed in 'the felt room' which was designed by toronto artist kathryn walter. it wasn't until i spent some time in the room that i remembered nokomis used to carry kathryn's felt purses a few years back, which were designed under her label felt.

best of all, katie and régine from ottawa boutique victoire were in town and they brought along angie from montreal boutique headquaters, who also designs the line norwegian wood (which is going to arrive at nokomis any day now!).

here we all are at a party for clayton, designer of complex geometries. we just got our spring shipment of complex geometries in the store last week and it's stunning! (and doing really well, so be sure to come in soon to check it out).

later that evening we grabbed some food at the drake, another toronto hot spot. katie had a hard time finding her menu.

the next morning we met with clayton at his hotel room to see the fall 2009 complex geometries collection. luckily there was a big comfy bed for us to chillax in.

the view from the elevator ride back down from his hotel room sure didn't impress everyone.

later that evening, we danced up a storm at the 50's and 60's dance party in the gladstone, called 'going steady'.

thanks for all of the fun times katie, régine and angie! see you in september!