Friday, March 27, 2009

new clothes online!

wow, my modeling career is friggin' off the charts this month! first see magazine and now our online store ... i'm just sitting pretty waiting for IMG to call.

ok, not really (did you think i was serious?), though i did get to model some of the gorgeous new pieces we've just put up in our shop. julie-ann's been working diligently to upload new stock and, though i know i always say check in often, you should really start checking in often because from now till the end of season we'll be adding styles weekly.

our second shipment of nokomis stock is starting to slowly trickle in as well so keep your eyes open for the pretty summer dresses you can find on our website (check under the 'houseline' heading)

and if you ever see something on our blog that you like but don't see in our shop just send us an email
dace 'martin dress', 232

dagg and stacey 'mauritania dress', 235

eve gravel 'butterfly dress', 244

gee, can you guess my favorite pose?


Anonymous said...

Love the eve gravel 'butterfly dress, & I also love Canadian clothing designers.

Victoire said...

The webstore looks terrific, congrats!!


Japanese Fashion said...

Your favorite pose is third one

Michael said...

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