Monday, March 23, 2009

she works hard for the money

just because you gotta go back to work every monday doesn't mean you can't look fab while doing it. whether it's the office, shop, gallery, garage or the messy studio like genevieve here, we've surely got something for you. and hey! jessica and i work together in the store all day monday so come visit us ok?

eve gravel 'ugly betty skirt', 135, snoflake 'isabelle blouse', 159, and nokomis 'gillespie bag', 330.

bodybag 'police dress', 185, and nokomis vintage shoes, 25.

LnE 'camilla top', 150, nokomis 'budapest skirt' in buff, 98, nokomis vintage shoes, 25, and brave brown bag, 65 (on sale!)

butikofer '4 way dress', 290, and nokomis vintage shoes, 25.

bodybag 'pear dress', 129, and nokomis vintage shoes, 25.

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