Tuesday, March 3, 2009

the BBB

we've been extolling the virtues of the brave brown bag here at nokomis since time began. we all have one, or five, and use them all the time for everything.

brave brown bags are waxed cotton carryalls designed to resemble a paper bag but built to last for years. as they're loved-in by you they crease and weather and change into something personal and unique. BBBs come in a variety of sizes and fabrics (gingham and toile are my favorites) and, depending on which one you choose to carry at which time, somehow transform to suit any purpose or occasion.

allow me to set the scene...

act i: summer. early morning. warm, pink sunlight glides in from the east. you've awoken extra early this saturday to seek out the plumpest purple blueberries, the freshest farm eggs and a wild bouquet of early flowers at the farmer's market. you pack your treasures into your oversized, checked brave brown bag, strap it to the back of your bike and ride home to wake your lover with breakfast and a kiss.

act ii: mid afternoon. the sun shines hot and high in the south. wispy clouds hover in a pale blue sky. you enter the cafe, tucking your sunglasses into your petite floral bag, and order a perrier, change your mind and get a peach sangria instead. enter jessica, jamaican lemonade, followed by leanne, white wine, and carmen, corona. lunch comes and you waste the afternoon laughing about last night and showing off the shoes you got on vacation.

act 3: night. you're trying out a new shade of eyeliner--electric eel. it sets off your giant purple earrings. you hand over your id and walk into the club, you're on the guest list, naturally. the music starts and you move to join the gang. you reach into your sleek brave brown bag and pull out your lip gloss. someone buys you a drink as you scan the room and move onto the dancefloor. let the games begin.

like what you see? well here's a treat: all our brave brown bags are currently half price. let us know which one you have a crush on and we'll be sure to set you up.


Sara said...

This is awesome! What is Jamaican lemonade?

nokomis said...

sara-you'll have to ask jessica i guess. i imagine it's lemony and sweet and spicy and fizzy, you know, summer stuff. wanna come along for our imaginary BBB afternoon outing?

Sara said...

TOTALLY! I'll have a margarita.