Monday, March 9, 2009


isn't it hard to find the perfect jersey top these days? i mean, sure, you can get a 5-buck sweatshop special at the mall or the same aa low-v-neck every other hipster kid is wearing, but there are times when you just want something comfy and.....special, you know?

something as soft and lovely to touch as your favorite worn-in concert t-shirt from before you were born. something stylish and classy enough to wear to work but which serves triple duty as a weekend pull-over or a flashdance-esque bar-star fantasy. something that your friends slyly eye-up and wonder where you found.

we3 is a line from vancouver that specializes in comfortable, stylish and environmentally sustainable pieces. each season consists of essential garments relevant to how women dress everyday but with on-trend colours and fashion-forward silhouettes. a few avant garde pieces are thrown in for good measure and voila! the perfect, soft, organic, deceptively fashionable and wickedly wearable jersey piece. i can't wait to wear these beauties:

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abby said...

ooooo. lovely. what taste you all have!