Friday, August 27, 2010

Things I Love: Summer Edition

Okay, so I skipped out on the Things I Love July issue, but well, as my mom would say: shit happens. Besides, a lot of magazines do a 'summer edition', squeezing together July & August, so why can't I?

1. Master of Business Administration. I've been giving some (sorta) serious thought to the U of A MBA program, as it's part-time, accessible and could be loads of fun (totally serious). But really, I'd rather have this: Crafting MBA. Megan Auman is a trained jeweler and silversmith, a woman dedicated to the crafting scene, and more importantly, someone who wants to help other crafters succeed.
I'm not a crafter myself, but I signed up for her (free) e-newsletter and have found it to be immensely helpful. She also does business consulting too, and has an awesome list of recommended books and even a book club! She's a smart cookie. And I know lots of you out there either dabble in crafting for pleasure or are trying to make a go of it. Please check out her site. Her blog constantly inspires me. Check out one of her old posts: 'stop using work to procrastinate from doing real work'.

2. Blue Hawaii. I've never been to Hawaii before. Some friends tell me it's super commercial and tourist-y, but I don't care. I must go to Hawaii before I die! It's on my list. But this section here is not about Hawaii, it's about an amazing band from Montreal called Blue Hawaii. This is the lead singer from Braids (one of my most favourite bands ever!) side project. Rafaelle is originally from Calgary (with the rest of the Braids gang) but they all moved to Montreal about two years ago. I love theses guys. Anyway, see for yourself. You can check out the Blue Hawaii myspace page here.

(I MAY have a slight girl crush on Rafaelle (above, left, obvs). I once got her email address from her after I stalked her at a Famines show at Tubby Dog in Calgary, and I fucking lost it! I'm still so mad at myself, two years later).

Best of all, Blue Hawaii has a free download of their album Blooming Summer. Just click right here for the magic, and voila: music! (Blue Gowns takes the cake, followed by Belize, Dream Electrixra and Lilac (which means I just listed half the album: whoops!)). Happy listening.

3. You know what else I love? Scarves. I'm almost happy fall is on it's way (in Edmonton, at least). Okay, I'm always happy it's fall, I just wish winter wouldn't be so wretched. Anyway, fall means scarf season. I'm sure most of you are like me, and we try and pull off scarves all summer, but sometimes it's just too hot. Check out these beautiful Osei-Duro scarves, for 29 bucks each.

Lily + Jae also has a beautiful silk scarf this season, available in three different patterns:

Lily + Jae Silk Scarf, 45
Dace Walter Coat, 310
F-Eve Annick Bag, 74

4. Lastly, I am in love with the Beauty Parlour. They're been around for a year and a half and are located just a few blocks down the avenue from us. Yet I had never been in there before. I heard tons of great things about them and saw their adorable posters around town, but just hadn't stumbled in yet. Thankfully, that changed.

First, check out my beautiful new haircut:

Eeeii! Awesome, huh?

The Beauty Parlour is a salon which is both committed to beauty and the environment. They are a clean air salon, and they have ammonia-free colour services, which is much safer for everyone, both guests and staff. There space itself it exceptionally gorgeous (you'll be seeing photos of it in a bit, I'm thinking Emilia is just going to have to do our fall photo shoot there) and it even has a little boutique too! Check it out for yourself at the second floor of 10011-82 ave (right above the scooter shop!). If you first prefer an Internet visit, I can arrange that here.

They've even generously donated a prize for our upcoming 8th birthday party! Mark it on your calendars, it's an event you won't want to miss: Thursday September 9th! xox.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

smokin' lily does it again

check out these super cute cameo belts from smoking lily:

available for only 45. sizes s/m and m/l. q-ute!

Monday, August 23, 2010

VSG: vintage shoes galore!

It sure is nice to know that I am good at something in this world: vintage shoe shopping. All these beauties are 35 for shoes and 59 for boots. all sizes are best guestimates, cause really, who knows. you just might be the cinderella that gets to take them home! see for yourself:









Wolfy by Genevieve Savard (aka: mrytle & pearls)

This week we were treated to a box of goodies by our long time pal, Genevieve Savard. Ms. Savard made the long (permanent) trek from Edmonton to Montreal a few months back; we miss her dearly.

Thankfully she quickly followed up with her fall collection, and it's absolutely gorgeous. Montreal must be treating her well.

Each season her collection will have a different name, this one being Wolfy.

Wolfy Winter Bonnet, 160
100% recycled leather cap, 100% silk lining, recycled rabbit fur trim

Wolfy, Winter Bonnet, 170
100% recycled leather cap, 100% silk lining, rabbit fur trim

Wolfy Crystal Bag, 280
hand dyed cotton with beeswax finish, bottom recycled leather

Wolfy, Vevilla Bag, 180
recycled leather

Wolfy, Prince Louis Bag, 300
It even has a nifty LED light and mini purse inside!

Myrtle and Pearls, Menage A Trois Bag, 400.
Yes, that's right. 3 bags in one.

Wolfy Outside Dress, $240 (we only received on olive, in a size large)

Wolfy, Outside Dress, 240 (we received the midnight colour in small and medium, fyi)
Nokomis Vintage Shoes, 35
Elkencrow, Two Twig Necklace, 50

If you, like us, miss Genevieve, you can always stalk her on the interweb! xox.

Friday, August 20, 2010


That's our nickname for Allison Wonderland. A-dub. Our handy dandy inventory system (posim!) requires us to shorten designers to initials. Lily & Jae: LJ; Smoking Lily: SL; Dace, well, that's still just Dace. And our pal Allison, she gets to be AW. Which the ghetto versions of ourselves prefer to say: A-Dub. As though she were a drum and bass DJ or something. Anyway, it makes us giggle. And her fall collection makes us drool:

Allison Wonderland, Love Story Blazer, $198
Allison Wonderland, Network Skirt, $145
Snoflake, Ariane Top, Reg $149, Sale price $99

Allison Wonderland, Goodbye Girl Dress, Black, $198 (this fabric is amazing!)

Allison Wonderland, Last Tango Dress, $208 (this baby is gonna sell out quick!)

Allison Wonderland, The Rose Skirt, Black, $145
Lily & Jae, Cruz Cami, Stripe, $130
Nokomis, Vintage Shoes, $35

Allison Wonderland, Paper Moon Vest, $135
Domino, Haiku Jeans, Raw, $100
Nokomis, Vintage Boots, $59

Shout outs to E-Dog for the dope camera work and to K-Trim for the hot diggity dawg modeling. Peace.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Georgina Baker

georgina baker, while originally from new zealand, is now a vancouver based jewelry designer. i think it's the perfect fit for nokomis, antique spoons reworked, with love, into amazing one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces.

spoon earrings, 50 (many of her pieces have been 'pierced' with a heart!)

spoon handle cluster necklace, 64

double spoon necklace, 54

double spoon necklace with heart cutouts, 50

you just might need to come in for yourself to see their beauty. we have more on the way too, another 4 or 5 necklaces, including ones made from knifes! oh my!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


As I mentioned earlier, we got in beautiful new pieces from Elkencrow, a local-ish jewelry designer. What I love about these pieces is that they are super original. I really heart the rings. Check them out:

Single Twig Necklace, $50 (an actual cast of a twig)

Tooth Necklace (yes, for better or worse, a cast of a tooth (her dad's, fyi)), $50

Two Twig Necklace, $50

Clump Necklace, Black Chain, $45 (they are clumps of pewter! same with the rings below)

Clump Necklace, Silver Chain, $45

Clump Necklace, Gold Chain, $45

Little Clump Ring, $42

Large Clump Ring, Thick Band, $42

Large Clump Ring, $42

Wrench Earrings, $42

Wolf Teeth Earrings, $42

Dagger Earrings, $42

Saw Earrings, $42

Maple Leaf Keys Earrings, $42