Tuesday, August 17, 2010


As I mentioned earlier, we got in beautiful new pieces from Elkencrow, a local-ish jewelry designer. What I love about these pieces is that they are super original. I really heart the rings. Check them out:

Single Twig Necklace, $50 (an actual cast of a twig)

Tooth Necklace (yes, for better or worse, a cast of a tooth (her dad's, fyi)), $50

Two Twig Necklace, $50

Clump Necklace, Black Chain, $45 (they are clumps of pewter! same with the rings below)

Clump Necklace, Silver Chain, $45

Clump Necklace, Gold Chain, $45

Little Clump Ring, $42

Large Clump Ring, Thick Band, $42

Large Clump Ring, $42

Wrench Earrings, $42

Wolf Teeth Earrings, $42

Dagger Earrings, $42

Saw Earrings, $42

Maple Leaf Keys Earrings, $42


elizabeth said...

Pretty. Are they all pewter?

nokomis said...


Anonymous said...

watch out jesse tempest is going to be big, get it while you can
-oyster girl

Anonymous said...

Very nice. I wish more local designers marketed themselves better. A website about their products or philosophy would be helpful.

nokomis said...

i agree that local (and just small scale) designers seem to have a tough time marketing themselves (as in, they often don't), but i have to say jesse is taking the right steps: she has lovely tags, something many people over look. it's a great first step. i think the other issue is that most local designers do this more as a hobby, and just don't have the time (or money) to dedicate to a full on marketing effort. designing is something they fit in between employment/school/family etc. but hopefully with time they can make the transition to making it into something that pays some of the bills. and until then, it's just a part of their charm!

Anonymous said...

Very true. I love the attention to detail many small scale designers put into their work. Especially, beautifully crafted tags. Thanks for your response :)