Wednesday, August 11, 2010


hey-o! kristena is back and life is glorious. though jilly-jigs just left for her vaycay, and next week i leave for my vaycay, and then the week after that emilia leaves for her vaycay. so we won't be a united force, again, until september 3rd. but, none of that really matters to you, our dear reader, but what does matter is: fall stock!

allison wonderland just arrived and is currently getting steamed. new lily & jae is slated to arrive tomorrow, new myrtle & pearls on friday and new preloved: any day now.

plus we have a new bag line, called F-Eve, based out of montreal. they're a mix of wool and vinyl, which mean they are totally affordable!

we also have two new jewelry lines. elkencrow is from local designer jessie tempest (okay, she's an edmonton/halifax designer as she spends her semesters at nascad). she has these gorgeous rings which are basically pewter clumps along with pewter clump necklaces and lots of other pretty pieces too. georgina baker is our other newbie at the shop, she based out of vancouver, though originally from new zealand. she takes old trinkets, such as spoons, and turns them into new pieces. i think you'll really love it. we'll hopefully get photos up here shortly.

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