Friday, August 20, 2010


That's our nickname for Allison Wonderland. A-dub. Our handy dandy inventory system (posim!) requires us to shorten designers to initials. Lily & Jae: LJ; Smoking Lily: SL; Dace, well, that's still just Dace. And our pal Allison, she gets to be AW. Which the ghetto versions of ourselves prefer to say: A-Dub. As though she were a drum and bass DJ or something. Anyway, it makes us giggle. And her fall collection makes us drool:

Allison Wonderland, Love Story Blazer, $198
Allison Wonderland, Network Skirt, $145
Snoflake, Ariane Top, Reg $149, Sale price $99

Allison Wonderland, Goodbye Girl Dress, Black, $198 (this fabric is amazing!)

Allison Wonderland, Last Tango Dress, $208 (this baby is gonna sell out quick!)

Allison Wonderland, The Rose Skirt, Black, $145
Lily & Jae, Cruz Cami, Stripe, $130
Nokomis, Vintage Shoes, $35

Allison Wonderland, Paper Moon Vest, $135
Domino, Haiku Jeans, Raw, $100
Nokomis, Vintage Boots, $59

Shout outs to E-Dog for the dope camera work and to K-Trim for the hot diggity dawg modeling. Peace.

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Dress Me Dearly said...

The blazer!! So chic. Would love great with flared jeans and sky-high clogs.