Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Osei-Duro Fall 2010

i've been toiling away in the basement: painting walls and furniture, building ikea shelves, sorting stock and making big plans! you'll soon get to see the progress of the basement silk screening room, but it's just not ready yet. hang on folks. and sorry about the lack of blogging, my mind has simply been else where. thankfully emilia shot some of the new osei-duro pieces that we received last week. come by and check them out! and more is still coming!

osei-duro tight skirt in stripe, also comes in pink and black, $78
nixxi scoop tee, black, $79

osei-duro split dress, stripe, $130

osei-duro split dress, pink, $130

osei-duro tunic dress, pink, $130

osei-duro tunic dress, blue, $130

osei-duro tunic dress, stripe, $130 (I KNOW, I KNOW! HOW DO YOU DECIDE?)

also: we got in a gazillion beautiful scarves from osei-duro, for only $29 each. they're beautiful and we'll snap photos soon.


Buffy Leigh said...

I had no idea that Osei-Duro was Canadian! I just knew about the West African side of it...silly me...

nokomis said...

well, technically it's not, but half of the osei-duro duo is canadian. it's all produced in accra, ghana, by two women's collectives, with western afican textiles. it's my one and only exception to the exclusively canadian rule (exclusively canadian and ghanaian?). it's just too beautiful to pass on, and i love the concept.