Monday, August 23, 2010

Wolfy by Genevieve Savard (aka: mrytle & pearls)

This week we were treated to a box of goodies by our long time pal, Genevieve Savard. Ms. Savard made the long (permanent) trek from Edmonton to Montreal a few months back; we miss her dearly.

Thankfully she quickly followed up with her fall collection, and it's absolutely gorgeous. Montreal must be treating her well.

Each season her collection will have a different name, this one being Wolfy.

Wolfy Winter Bonnet, 160
100% recycled leather cap, 100% silk lining, recycled rabbit fur trim

Wolfy, Winter Bonnet, 170
100% recycled leather cap, 100% silk lining, rabbit fur trim

Wolfy Crystal Bag, 280
hand dyed cotton with beeswax finish, bottom recycled leather

Wolfy, Vevilla Bag, 180
recycled leather

Wolfy, Prince Louis Bag, 300
It even has a nifty LED light and mini purse inside!

Myrtle and Pearls, Menage A Trois Bag, 400.
Yes, that's right. 3 bags in one.

Wolfy Outside Dress, $240 (we only received on olive, in a size large)

Wolfy, Outside Dress, 240 (we received the midnight colour in small and medium, fyi)
Nokomis Vintage Shoes, 35
Elkencrow, Two Twig Necklace, 50

If you, like us, miss Genevieve, you can always stalk her on the interweb! xox.

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Tala Kamea said...

So beautiful! I love Genevieve's stuff. Amazing.