Friday, September 19, 2008


You know when you know you really like someone, but you haven't meet them in person yet? And then you finally meet them and it was even more awesome than you could ever dream? Well, I got to meet the lovely Katie and Régine, owners of Ottawa's prestige boutique, Victoire. (And authors of one of the best canadian fashion blogs). I'm in Toronto for a few days, looking at spring collections from Dagg & Stacey, Preloved, and Juma, as well as showing Toronto boutiques Nokomis's own spring collection. And the Victoire girls were in town too, so we meet up in my room, at The Drake Hotel.

After our hello hugs, we kicked off our shoes and jumped on the bed and talked shop. It's nice to connect with people who are in the same boat as you: young female business owners who really love canadian fashion. Thankfully photobooth was there to capture a few moments.

We decided we needed props for our photoshoot, so we all grabbed an object to hold. The only note worthy item is in Katie's hands. It's the moisturizer from my room, and I think that her and Régine washed/mositurized their hands about three times each. It's a line of products called Malin + Goetz. I remember seeing it on Gravity Pope's Tailored Goods blog a while back. I think as soon as I get home, I'm going to have to go and buy some. I know it's just soap and hand cream, but it's kinda amazing.

This last picture was supposed to be an action shot of hand washing, but we also wanted to highlight the transparent glass shower in the middle of the room (I sure know how to pick hotel rooms). Régine really got into it, she's totally bustin' a move.

Katie and Régine have some good shots too, for their blog, including something called the "pleasure menu". And if you're ever in Ottawa, make sure your go to Nokomis's BFF shop, Victoire.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

new fall stock 09.17.08

preloved 'mildred sweater', $135, over dace 'sheila dress', $240, with anna de courcy 'spoon handle necklace', $200, and brave brown bag $180.

elroy 'phoenix dress', $169 with nokomis 'gainsbourg purse', $220 and kamea 'jerusalem necklace', $90.

allison wonderland 'neck tie coat', $245, over thieves 'puff sleeve dress', $245 with nokomis cloth 'bonsai bag', $76 and pyrrha 'unicorn seal necklace', $234, worn as belt.

dace 'brandy top', $168, and eve gravel 'andy skirt', $125 with juma 'tailored vest', $150 and lisbeth 'pear drop necklace', $89.

dace 'cherie blouse', $152 with eve gravel 'andy skirt', $125 and brave brown bag, $150.

preloved 'miss val sweater', $149 over juma 'body hugging dress', $180, with bennie and olive leather belt, $48, and buckle $50, and nokomis 'velvet slouch bag', $160.

Monday, September 15, 2008

thanks for an awesome evening

so our party on saturday was a hit...or at least that's what i hear, i was too busy rocking out at the coliseum to sir elton john and got to nokomis just in time for clean-up. darn it, from these photos it looks like everyone was having an amazing time and that a ton of our friends came out to celebrate. hopefully we'll get to have another party soon and maybe i'll even make it. anyway, thanks to everyone who made it down on saturday to enjoy wine and cupcakes and great music with us. we sure do love having you over to our place. xo, nokomis.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

it's party time

you heard the lady--we're throwing a party. it's this coming saturday starting at 8pm and going till midnight or so. our favorite girl nevine is dj-ing and we're bringing cupcakes and other treats. it's going to be a great time and it's also our sixth birthday which means we'll be in the mood to celebrate. we're taking 20% off of any nokomis houseline purchase you make which means you can come down and buy the dress amanda is modeling in this picture for just a FRACTION! (literally, 4/5s) of the price. we're also giving you 10% off of all other new fall stock just because we love you. you should come out--it'll be magic.

WHAT: nokomis fall launch/birthday party
WHEN: saturday september 13, 8pm till late
WHERE: at our store, 10318-82 ave, edmonton
WHY: because we like to dress up and eat cake and hang out with everyone we like
WHO: you!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

more beautiful fall

nokomis 'charlie sweater', $79 and 'budapest skirt', $98 with cinder and smoke purse, $110 and lizbot feather hairpiece, $38 worn as brooch

eve gravel 'love wars jacket', $280 with dagg and stacey 'mollusk skirt', $169 and nokomis 'mira top', $108

dagg and stacey 'mollusk skirt', $169 and nokomis 'mira top', $108

eve gravel 'motto motto dress', $225 with nokomis 'square purse', $152

lily and jae 'bedford coat', $249 over dace 'suzanna tunic', $216 with brave brown bag, $150

lily and jae 'broadway blouse', $135 and majolie 'debardour vest', $115 with eve gravel 'barely legal skirt', $119 lisbeth 'black onyx necklace', $89 and brave brown bag, $130

preloved 'butterfield skirt', $139 with serendipity 'lily top', $64 and nokomis 'lady purse', $216

dace 'suzanna tunic', $216 under sunjalink 'gathered skirt', $164 with smoking lily 'silk ascot', $52 and nokomis 'heathcliff purse', $242

nokomis 'thora dress', $164 and 'bonsai purse', $200 with mizdragonfly 'pico necklace', $88

chulo pony 'milla cardigan', $160 worn over lily and jae 'keele dress', $165 and eve gravel 'birkin top', $95 with brave brown bag, $110