Friday, September 19, 2008


You know when you know you really like someone, but you haven't meet them in person yet? And then you finally meet them and it was even more awesome than you could ever dream? Well, I got to meet the lovely Katie and Régine, owners of Ottawa's prestige boutique, Victoire. (And authors of one of the best canadian fashion blogs). I'm in Toronto for a few days, looking at spring collections from Dagg & Stacey, Preloved, and Juma, as well as showing Toronto boutiques Nokomis's own spring collection. And the Victoire girls were in town too, so we meet up in my room, at The Drake Hotel.

After our hello hugs, we kicked off our shoes and jumped on the bed and talked shop. It's nice to connect with people who are in the same boat as you: young female business owners who really love canadian fashion. Thankfully photobooth was there to capture a few moments.

We decided we needed props for our photoshoot, so we all grabbed an object to hold. The only note worthy item is in Katie's hands. It's the moisturizer from my room, and I think that her and Régine washed/mositurized their hands about three times each. It's a line of products called Malin + Goetz. I remember seeing it on Gravity Pope's Tailored Goods blog a while back. I think as soon as I get home, I'm going to have to go and buy some. I know it's just soap and hand cream, but it's kinda amazing.

This last picture was supposed to be an action shot of hand washing, but we also wanted to highlight the transparent glass shower in the middle of the room (I sure know how to pick hotel rooms). Régine really got into it, she's totally bustin' a move.

Katie and Régine have some good shots too, for their blog, including something called the "pleasure menu". And if you're ever in Ottawa, make sure your go to Nokomis's BFF shop, Victoire.


miss vanilli said...

Doesn't Régine look like she could be Miranda's older sister or something?

Anyway, looks like a crazy good time you ladies had!

Miranda said...

I am so jealous!

p.s Regine should totally become my fake sister. Only child syndrome sucks.