Wednesday, September 10, 2008

beautiful fall

what with jessica being sick and working from home, tara being in vancouver to show our spring collection and me being my usual busy, scattered self i realize we've been rather lax in showcasing new fall items that have come into the store. lucky for you both laurel and i took some time out of our crazy schedules and photographed a bunch of items over the last two days and they are.

bodybag 'perla dress', $154

born free necklace, $24

cinder and smoke 'darla dress', $175

nokomis 'heathcliff purse', $198

sunjalink 'peacoat', $335

sessa 'cyndrine top', $84 and 'josie skirt', $88

sunjalink 'reverse silk top', $145 and allisonwonderland 'lady skirt', $130

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