Monday, September 15, 2008

thanks for an awesome evening

so our party on saturday was a hit...or at least that's what i hear, i was too busy rocking out at the coliseum to sir elton john and got to nokomis just in time for clean-up. darn it, from these photos it looks like everyone was having an amazing time and that a ton of our friends came out to celebrate. hopefully we'll get to have another party soon and maybe i'll even make it. anyway, thanks to everyone who made it down on saturday to enjoy wine and cupcakes and great music with us. we sure do love having you over to our place. xo, nokomis.


Victoire said...

hey, it's nevine!

I saw Elton John in Ottawa a few years ago, and though it was totally awesome, I hope his screen graphics have gotten alot better...The pixalated crocodile during crocodile rock was scary.

nokomis said...

oh my god. the screen graphics were sooo bad--and this is a man who spent almost a million dollars on flowers in one year. he needs a laser light show or some dancers or something. otherwise it was amazing.