Thursday, September 4, 2008


ack, it's been a while! we have lots of things we want to share with you, including spring photoshoots (yes, spring 2009), good bye parties (waa waa), new fall stock and lots more. but first, here is a quick update.

i was in san francisco in late august for a POS-IM training. that's our point of sale system that we got when we moved into our new store. it has been a life saver-no more paper receipts! i was there with other boutique owners from across the states, and we learned how to fully use the system to our advantage. sounds kinda yawn, but it was pretty neat.

and hey, it was in beautiful san fran! there was even a frida kahlo exhibition on at the san francisco museum of modern art. i was in heaven. but turns out poor me had mono. the curse of traveling jessica. i don't seem to have much luck. mono in san fran, chicken pox in nyc, lost passport right before vegas, trip to the hospital in london, missed flight in toronto . . . the list goes on.

i'm feeling much better now, thanks to lots of bed rest. the lovely noko girls even sent me flowers. my cats were really into them.

okay, well i better get caught up on our blog posts!

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