Monday, August 31, 2009

erin templeton

we just got in six new erin templeton bags. elizabeth and i spent the day sharing justifications as to why we need to own all of them. (mainly, they are so fabulous, and functional, and they would just make us feel like a million bucks.)

Friday, August 21, 2009

bring out the sun

we're into the last few weeks of summer sun and outdoor strolling. in a mood to devour every little bit that we have left, i'm going to make the most of this weekend. starting off with this cute outfit, fit to spend a day wandering the streets.

supayana sleeve neck top, $60
nokomis ginger skirt, $124

toting with me, a bag large enough to stock up on all the things i manage to collect thru my day.

nokomis vevilla purse, $250

hopefully there will be cherries left at the farmers market this week. i feel like making some cherry cupcakes.

it's fringe festival time again! every summer it comes, and what excites me most are the mini doughnuts. i'll have to find someone to share them with.

and then maybe a hot dog from fat franks. one with sauerkraut and pickles!

with one last stop over at eden lily to pick up some lovely flowers for myself.

sounds lovely. let's hope i can fit this all in on my lunch break!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

how to choose?!

yikes. i'm in trouble this fall. all of our favorite designers outdid themselves this season and we just keep getting more and more beautiful items in the store. i'm overwhelmed with how great everything looks and this is simply the beginning. good heavens, what am i going to do by late september when my bank account will surely be in serious trouble? oh well, who needs food and shelter when you look amazing right? right???

here's what you can try on if you come down to the shop this weekend: absolutely fabulous designs by the immeasurable jude feller, the brains and talent behind nokomis darling lily & jae.

lily & jae 'his shirt', the perfect oversized top over tights.

lily & jae 'diary dress' which jessica wore out last saturday and looked like a million.

lily & jae 'darling dress' and darling it is. these are not going to stick around very long my friends.
lily & jae 'victory vest' which we have in a pewter grey (and which will be miiiiiiine), and 'boy blouse' which comes with it's very own matching pocket square.

please, kill me now.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

most wonderful time of the year

it's new dace time! we've just received four new styles from dace and are pleased as punch with them. as always, the designs are divine, the fabrics expertly selected, the tailoring perfection and the quality sublime. hurry though, they're moving fast.

'annabelle dress' in a beautifully-rich purple silk/cotton blend

'goldie dress' which we have in black

'abby blouse' in an amazing violet silk/cotton

'casey blouse' which we've got in cream

Thursday, August 6, 2009

bring the pretty lady

who wants to look like they're wandering down a milan street on a slightly cloudy summer afternoon? i do, i do!

nokomis 'gish blouse', $148

nokomis 'lydia skirt', $104

nokomis 'skinny dipping bag', on sale for $99 from $160!

toodlebunny 'floral bouquet' locket, $92

nokomis vintage shoes, $25


Wednesday, August 5, 2009


we've got bracelets!
toodlebunny just dropped off an assortment at the end of last week and there are some real beauties in the bunch.

from left to right: yellow leather and chain charm bracelet, $95; rose cameo bracelet, $38; grey 'our lady of mount carmel' charm bracelet, $95

lady cameo bracelet, $38; vintage feather cuff, $85

Monday, August 3, 2009

lovely new jewellery

tara just ordered us some beautiful earrings from this ilk, a jewellery line designed by tamara bavdek of montreal. all of her pieces are made from stiffened lace allowing for knockout large-scale pieces which remain comfortably light as a feather.

most pieces are just $30 and are sure to add drama and interest to whatever you decide to wear.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

more wedding shots

courtesy of genevieve's fuji minimax camera: