Monday, March 26, 2007

New Tees

Laurel has been madly printing since our new American Apparel came in last week. We've got a bunch of new colours and styles too; also, amazing new print designs that Laurel's been dreaming up with nods to Faust and other literary animalia. The Noko favorite seems to be "two heads are better than one", though I still love Mephistopheles-as-poodle.

We're trying out some new styles of t-shirts this summer including a scoop-neck, capped-sleeve tee. You can also mark the return of extra-long U-neck tanks, sheer V-neck tees and round necked summer tees in beautiful shades of grey, lilac and a rich teal green. These are exciting times, ladies.

Friday, March 23, 2007

It's been a busy week!

We've all been really busy this week at the studio, getting ready for Edmonton Fashion Week and our fashion show next Thursday, the 29th, organizing a buying trip to Montreal and, of course, madly trying to draft patterns for Fall. It's all very exciting but wears a girl out.

Lots has been going on at the store as well, they're receiving new items all the time including our beautiful white eyelet Chemise dresses, which came in yesterday. Talk about a perfect summer dress, short and sweet and exquisitely girly. I'm so excited to wear mine and, considering the weather lately, it shouldn't be long before I can romp around in it sans tights. Hurrah. An Edmonton Spring is finally on the way--it's all Dolly Parton cassettes and hot dogs from here on in.

I hope everyone can come out to our fashion show Thursday at Planet Ze Design Centre, 10055-80 avenue, starting at 8pm. It should be a great show, a bit of a big deal too as it will be the first time we show items solely from our Nokomis house line. I know I'm nervous and excited.

And just because, here's a cutesy photo of Genevieve and I at Amelia's art opening last week with the dog who could finally make me like dogs.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

New Bags

Summer Purse,
recycled leather purse

Clemens Messenger Bag,
hand-printed leather

Jabba's Hut,
recycled leather purse

Magic Shopping Bag,
hand-printed canvas grocery bag