Monday, March 26, 2007

New Tees

Laurel has been madly printing since our new American Apparel came in last week. We've got a bunch of new colours and styles too; also, amazing new print designs that Laurel's been dreaming up with nods to Faust and other literary animalia. The Noko favorite seems to be "two heads are better than one", though I still love Mephistopheles-as-poodle.

We're trying out some new styles of t-shirts this summer including a scoop-neck, capped-sleeve tee. You can also mark the return of extra-long U-neck tanks, sheer V-neck tees and round necked summer tees in beautiful shades of grey, lilac and a rich teal green. These are exciting times, ladies.

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Mari said...

I love it when bunnies fight! How did you know?