Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Jury's Out

Nokomis was voted Edmonton's best women's clothing retailer in See Magazine’s Best of Edmonton poll today for the third year running. We were even voted second best men's clothing retailer, which is maybe a hint that we need to step up our guys’ section--we're working on it.
We'd just like to say thank-you to everyone who voted for us and thanks also to all the great people we've met through the store over the years. We really love what we do and it's a great reward to know that you guys think we're a-ok too.

Friday, May 23, 2008


It rained cats and dogs yesterday, the day of the SEE Magazine "My Summer Outfit" photoshoot, but thankfully it didn't stop anyone from coming in and jumping in front of the camera. We had barrels of fun hanging out with the photo crew, watching all of the models do their best ANTM poses.

The issue comes out June 5th, so be sure to check it out, I think you might recognize a few faces . . .

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Spreepark starts tomorrow night! Tickets are available at nokomis, $15 each, or you can go see all three nights for $35. Spreepark is a multi-discplinary performance spectacular featuring the best and brightest of Edmonton theatre, music, and visual art.

And Tala, who is noko's offical Right Hand Man (yes, that's what her business cards say, though I prefer to call her Hawk Eyes), has done all of the costume design, choreography, and is dancing in it herself (as am I, Jessica). So come check it out! For more info, check out the Facebook page, Willkommen in Spreepark.

Friday, May 16, 2008

spring stock.05.16.08

namoda apron dress for 110.
with la fabrique button necklace for 48.

league of lovers unicorn dress for 160.

i clothing emma dress for 145.
with peel poet blouse for 90.

eve gravel call me dress for 170.

lisbeth antiqued lace earings for 40.

la fabrique button necklace for 48.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

spring stock.05.14.08

namoda knotty top for 95.
with jude openskirt for 235.

maked beauty dress for 164.
with eve gravel mr.jones jacket for 176.

sessa lilli top for 69.
with lily & jae sweety sundress for 115.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Summer Style

Do you have a favorite summer outfit? Last summer it was my navy Dace jumper and this summer it's definitely going to be my Naked & Famous jeans which I dyed bubble gum pink, with my Eve Gravel feather pullover.

SEE Magazine will be photographing Edmontonians in their summer clothes on Thursday May 22 for their upcoming Summer Fashion Issue. Best of all, they will be shooting at Nokomis! If you want to be a part of the spread, email (use the subject "My Summer Outfit") to book a spot, as spaces are limited. Walk-ins are welcome, if time permits, and you don't really want to take chances now, do you? They will be in the store from noon to 7pm, so come by and get your photo snapped or just check out what's going on.
For inspiration, here are some shots from the Helsinki Street Fashion Blog:

Have fun frolicking and biking and dancing this summer in your outfit, I know my pink pants are going to do me good.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Last Thursday was bittersweet

After nearly two years working with us at Nokomis our beloved Miranda has decided to leave to pursue other dreams. During the time she's been at Nokomis we've fallen for Miranda's sweet openness, her charm and energy. We love her kindness and the joy she brings to those around her. We cherish her occasionally acid tongue and laugh like mad at her stories. She's worked her way into all of our hearts and we will really, truly miss her; even though she promises to come back and visit every few days things just won't be the same without her.

Last Thursday was Miranda's official final day at Nokomis so we decided to have a party in her honour. We started off with chips and soda and a game of twister in the store. The competitive, feisty ladies (into which camp I place Tara, Jessica, Tala and Laurel) took turns beating each other while Genevieve, Miranda and myself wandered around the store, ate candy and laughed at everyone else. Tala was kind enough to show us some break dance moves and Miranda did headstands. The store girls also managed to do a cheer pyramid a la Bring it On but my photos blurred as they fell to the ground.

After work everyone met at Culina for dinner, a delicious restaurant here in Edmonton (and my personal favorite) which never fails to impress. In my attempt at politeness I didn't take any flash photos and so can't show the amazing feast we enjoyed there.
We then headed to the Blackdog, stopping by Miranda's to drop off the lilies Amanda gave her. Jessica and I proceeded to have a Jesus Christ Superstar singalong the rest of the way and I honestly can't say how Miranda felt about that. Lame much ladies?

At the Blackdog Sean played Time Warp which, of course, made my night and we all donned superstar sunglasses. I don't know where the young'uns are in this photo--Adeline? Amanda? Julie-Ann? can us old broads really out-party you still?

Anyway, we danced and drank and made general asses of ourselves (speaking for myself of course). Occasionally our boyfriends did the same...oops...who's this?

But generally we just enjoyed each other, reminisced, delighted in knowing one another and mugging for the camera. Did i mention how hot Jessica looked that night?

Oh Miranda, how we will miss you. Please come and visit us all the time (and make sure to visit the studio too! we're counting on you!) We wish you the very best and know you will do amazing things whatever you choose. It has been a pleasure and a delight working with you and we're so happy that we get to be your friends.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Cabinet Gallery Opening

The Cabinet Gallery, which is a portable miniature gallery in an antique cabinet, has called Nokomis home since we moved into our new space in November. It is the brain child of Institute Parachute, a collective of emerging artists that curate shows, lectures, and various art events. Each month new works are featured in the gallery, from a variety of young local artists.

On Thursday May 8 we will be hosting our first opening for the Cabinet Gallery, with new works, Repertoire, by Ashley Andel. The opening is from 7-8 pm, so please join us!