Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Summer Style

Do you have a favorite summer outfit? Last summer it was my navy Dace jumper and this summer it's definitely going to be my Naked & Famous jeans which I dyed bubble gum pink, with my Eve Gravel feather pullover.

SEE Magazine will be photographing Edmontonians in their summer clothes on Thursday May 22 for their upcoming Summer Fashion Issue. Best of all, they will be shooting at Nokomis! If you want to be a part of the spread, email style@see.greatwest.ca (use the subject "My Summer Outfit") to book a spot, as spaces are limited. Walk-ins are welcome, if time permits, and you don't really want to take chances now, do you? They will be in the store from noon to 7pm, so come by and get your photo snapped or just check out what's going on.
For inspiration, here are some shots from the Helsinki Street Fashion Blog:

Have fun frolicking and biking and dancing this summer in your outfit, I know my pink pants are going to do me good.

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